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The Hottest News and Rankings in the Fintech and Crypto Industry

Bored of paperwork? Fed up with unclear bank policies? Angry about the exorbitant fees imposed by financial corporations? Then it’s time to say goodbye to traditional finance

Fintech, the rebellious offspring of Finance and Technology, is here to replace traditional finance. And if you’ve been living under a rock, let us explain more. 

Fintech is often defined as a portmanteau of finance and technology. Meaning? Fintech is basically any financial technology software or hardware that enables users to complete transactions, apply for loans, approve payments, use crypto exchanges, and so much more. All just a click away – 100% virtually!

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Rankings in the Fintech and Crypto Industry

Why Does Fintech Matter?

Businesses and big financial institutions have embraced fintech solutions, which has been facilitated further amid the ongoing global pandemic and economic crisis. In fact, the fintech sector is not reserved for innovative startups only anymore.

Established firms are also joining in! A couple of years ago, JP Morgan – once an opponent of cryptocurrency and emerging markets – invested $25 million in startup projects and crypto financial services.

And believe it or not, you are a big part of the industry. How? Well, just think about it! Your debit card and personal financial management for a start! Online banking, payment services, tax calculations, e-commerce, split the bill solutions, ATMs, robo advisors, Bitcoin trading – you name it! Though it takes the warm human contact out of the equation, fintech solutions speed up numerous financial processes and provide financial inclusion even for unbanked people, helping them access equal financial services.

In fact, cryptocurrency is often seen as a way to help people breach the wealth gap we are witnessing. Did you know that according to a Federal Reserve study conducted in 2017, the top 1% of America owned 38.5% of the country’s wealth, a percentage which has increased dramatically over the last two years and reached almost 80%? Fintechs play a crucial role, allowing low-income households and vulnerable populations access lending and insurance services, as well as advanced or emerging markets.

That’s right! Fintech is here and growing, and some of its prominent branches include wealthtech, insurtech, and more. And it’s growing fast! As per Ernst and Young’s Global FinTech Adoption Index data, fintech adoption has increased from 16% in 2015 to 64% in 2019. 

The best part is that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are helping the fintech industry grow at an X faster rate. 

Surprising? Not at all! The global crypto market is expected to hit $4.94 billion by 2030. On the other hand, stats show that blockchain and regtech are the fastest-expanding areas in the fintech area. Blockchain technology may even hit $20 billion in the next two years, as per expert estimates. 

Number of Fintech is growing

The Number of Fintechs Is Growing

Given the huge growth in the sector, more and more companies are here to help us, the common folk, to benefit from such revolutionary financial technology. Whether it’s companies allowing users to boost their credit scores and debt finance tools or organisations trying to reduce bank-transfer processing times, the number of fintech companies adopting crypto is growing. 

Just look at Paxos, which is a great infrastructure addressing special challenges and which facilitates PayPal and Venmo, along with others! Or Kraken, one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges, which also acts as a global network and crypto bank!

Don’t think of Silicon Valley giants only, though! The UK (the City of London, in particular) is also a leader in the field, with Revolut being an undeniable leader in international payments and crypto trading. No surprise the platform and its community grew from 2 million in 2018 to 15 million in 2021. Nebeus is another revolutionary company with over $4.5M funding that can bridge the gap between fiat currency and cryptos.

So ready to explore some of the best fintech companies, including early-stage fintechs and crypto startups?

The Hottest Fintech50 in the Crypto Sector 

From Chime to Robinhood, based on data provided by Forbes and shared by Fintech50, look at the 50 hottest fintech companies that can pave the future of finance and crypto trading.

Note that this list is in alphabetical order.

  1. Addepar – an excellent platform for wealth management
  2. Alchemy – a novel solution that powers banks and businesses
  3. Anchorage – a secure platform that gives easy access to crypto services
  4. Arcus – a novel tool that combines crypto and AR
  5. Aspiration – one of a kind services with social impact
  6. Behavox – a growing company focusing on data and machine learning
  7. Blend – a great solution focusing on banking and lending
  8. BlockFi – one of the easiest ways to access crypto trading
  9. Bolt – a fintech startup focusing on easy payments
  10. Brex – an outstanding platform offering credit cards and solutions to businesses
  11. Cadre – a company expanding access to real estate investments
  12. Carta – a global platform improving portfolio management
  13. Chainalysis – a tech solution helping governments, consumers and businesses embrace cryptocurrency
  14. Chime – a famous platform providing online banking services and more
  15. Coalition – a fintech with a focus on cyber security
  16. Current – a leader in financial technology across the US
  17. Dave Inc. – a platform helping create a tech nation
  18. Divvy Homes – a novel rent-to-own company
  19. Esusu – a well-known fintech facilitating savings and wealth management
  20. Finix – an ultimate solution for businesses
  21. Fireblocks – an infrastructure addressing special challenges in crypto
  22. Forter – a tech giant helping improve safety across e-commerce and business settings
  23. Gemini – a top crypto exchange that needs no introduction
  24. Greenlight – a family-friendly tech company
  25. Guideline – a great way to help employees find the best services and retirement plans
  26. Hippo Insurance – a successful company assisting homeowners to protect their homes and find the best insurance services
  27. Capital – a top platform for top investments
  28. Insurify – a company focusing on helping clients find suitable insurance options
  29. Klarna – one of Europe’s biggest fintech unicorns
  30. Kraken – a premium crypto platform
  31. Marqeta – a fintech stabilising force across the globe
  32. MoCaFi – a global platform committed to creating a fairer world for vulnerable populations
  33. Newfront – a company that combines insurance brokerage expertise and technology
  34. Next Insurance – an organisation that helps small businesses and the self-employed
  35. Orum – a company that enables real-time money transfers
  36. Paxos – a top company based on blockchain technology
  37. Plaid – a fintech that helps other parties build fintech solutions
  38. Policygenius – one of the leaders in the fintech field
  39. Propel – a solution to enhance financial services for low-income and vulnerable populations
  40. Ramp – a superpowered system that helps finance automation
  41. Robinhood – a unique platform that is here to change crypto investing and make it accessible
  42. Roofstock – a part of the top fintechs that give access to alternative investment options and markets
  43. Socure – a fintech solution to enhance user safety
  44. Stash – a novel company helping beginners access the markets of the future
  45. Stripe – another giant creating novel economic infrastructures
  46. Tala – a fintech company playing an important role in helping entrepreneurs and the unbanked
  47. Truebill – a revolutionary company helping millennials manage their finances
  48. Trumid – a solution that combines market data to empower trading networks
  49. Varo – one of the latest digital banks
  50. Wise – previously TransferWise, Wise keeps paving the way to financial success
Top 50 FinTechs in Crypto Industry

Have you ever wondered how these lists are made? Well, here is how the Fintech50 works and who participates in the selection process.

More Fintech Ideas: Beyond This Year’s List

Interested in more fintech? We have prepared some honourable mentions that did not make it to the top 50 but still deserve your attention. Here they are:

Still not enough? To see more companies, you can consult some of our past fintech lists here:

Resources for Up-and-Coming Fintechs

If all this fintech talk has inspired you, we can’t blame you! It’s an exciting field. As our reliance on digital services increases, so will the need for more and more online-based financial solutions.

Thinking of starting your own fintech company? We thought so! Here are a few resources that might be helpful for budding entrepreneurs such as yourself:

  • Linklater LLP: this legal firm specialises in fintech. As such, it has assisted countless companies in this industry with their legal needs. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to your lawyer needs, check them out.
  • For more ideas on how digital money works and what it can do for society, we recommend consulting the writings of Dave Birch. This man is a true expert whose ideas have been ahead of their time more than once. Perhaps your next business idea might come while reading one of his books?
  • If what you need is a role model, look no further than The Fintech50 Hall of Fame. You’ll find some of the brightest minds in the industry here, together with their most significant contributions. Food for thought, hm?


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