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BiteMyCoin | About Us

Bite your tongue… no more! We at BiteMyCoin are here to spread the word about investing and provide the latest cryptocurrency news, hottest DeFi announcements and in-depth financial information to help you stay tuned to the versatile world of trading.

Who Are We?

BiteMyCoin is your ultimate portal to the investment world. Whether you are looking for expert opinions and crypto price predictions or searching for reliable information on trading brokerage platforms, we’ve got you covered. With our interactive design and site features, navigating the crypto space has never been more enjoyable.

Our Team

The international team behind BiteMyCoin consists of marketing wordsmiths, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and tech geeks who monitor the cryptocurrency space 24/7. We aim to put a stop to the fake news circulating online and finally break all the myths around cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

What Do We Provide?

On BiteMyCoin, anyone, regardless of trading skills and background, can find transparent financial information, expert opinions, how-to trading guides, cryptocurrency price predictions, and brokerage reviews. And if that’s not enough – thanks to our large network of partnerships – we are able to provide high-tech information in layman’s terms and at no extra cost to you.

Our Goals

  • Free trading resources
  • Accessible information
  • 24/7 market updates
  • Transparent communication
  • Positive user experience
  • Interactive design principles
  • An extensive network of BiteMyCoin followers

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