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BiteMyCoin is dedicated to ensuring user privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy before you proceed. BiteMyCoin – collectively referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our” – is responsible for your personal data. Use of our website construes your acceptance of our policy. It’s your obligation to visit this page regularly, as we may make amendments to it without prior notice.

Why Do We at BiteMyCoin Collect Personal Data?

BiteMyCoin collects data for numerous purposes. We need your personal details to provide services tailored to your needs and help you connect with relevant third-party services.

We also collect data for analytical purposes to enhance your user experience, ensure positive website performance, and meet our marketing goals.

In our role as Data Controller, we collect Personal Data by complying with data protection legislation and employ the following terms with defined meanings:

  • Data Controller or the legal entity that is responsible for the purpose of the processing of Personal Data.
  • Data Processor or the actual entity that processes Personal Data as defined by the Data Controller.
  • Personal Data or information related to an identified or identifiable person.
  • Processing of Personal Data or any operation concerning Personal Data, including collection, recording, storage, updating, retrieval, dissemination, linking, and blocking of Personal Data.

What Information Do We Collect?

We at BiteMyCoin are able to provide our marketing services based on the two main types of information we collect and process. We gather Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII) to meet our business obligations.

Personally Identifiable Information, which can be also sensitive like a visual image of your face, is defined as any information that can identify a living individual. Such data may include names, contact data, driving license, financial data, date of birth and other records.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information, on the other hand, is defined as any general information or logs that cannot be used to trace a living individual. Such data may include demographic data, IP addresses, and other technical data.

Data can also be divided into the following categories:

  • Identity Data (first name, last name, username, date of birth)
  • Contact Data (billing address, email address)
  • Financial Data (payment card or account details)
  • Technical Data (browser type and version, IP)
  • Marketing and Communications Data (your preferences in receiving marketing and ads)
  • Special Categories (race, beliefs, sexual orientation) – our partners and we rarely collect such particular information

Here we should note that we automatically collect specific data via the use of cookies or web beacons. A cookie is defined as a small piece of data that is saved to your device by your web browser. There are different types of cookies, including strictly necessary cookies, functional cookies, targeting cookies, analytical cookies and third-party cookies. You can always decline cookies or manage them through your browser settings. Disabling cookies, however, can affect your user experience. For more information, read our Cookie Policy.

Also, be advised that we use Google Analytics to assess the quality of our website, as per the data processing agreement we have in place with Google. We want to ensure you that Google won’t use your information for its own purposes.

How Do We Collect User Data?

We employ various modes to collect your personal information, including:

  • Direct interactions and information you provide by corresponding or signing up for services or subscription materials
  • Automated interactions and technical data collected via cookies
  • Third parties and interactions with affiliate partners, analytics providers and more

We use the collected information only when the law allows us to perform a contract and fulfil our legitimate interests.

Are There Any Legal Grounds for Processing Information?

BiteMyCoin processes data for various lawful grounds. It’s your responsibility to provide accurate data. You can contact our partners or us for more information about our data collection processes and obligations.

Note that we never collect and use data from individuals under the age of 18. If you become aware of a minor using our services, let us know, and we will take immediate action. We advise parents and guardians to monitor their children’s online activities.

How Do We Protect Your Data?

BiteMyCoin values user privacy and security. Our staff members are bound to confidentiality and employ high-level security measures to protect user safety. Note that we do not hold your personal data, but we send you to a third-party provider that will handle your data. Third parties include but are not limited to affiliate businesses, brokers, search information providers, fraud prevention agencies, technology providers, regulators and other authorities. This may involve the international transfer of data (outside the EEA or the UK). All Data Processing takes place only after your explicit consent.

While SSL algorithms and protocols to protect personal details are in place, we have no control over technical errors. We have no liability for data breaches through third parties or information shared online. You should always assume some risk. Always check the privacy policies of the websites you wish to visit before proceeding.


To ensure 100% data protection, we keep our Privacy Policy under regular review. That said, we do not control third-party websites and their privacy statements. As stated above, it is vital that you read the privacy policies of the websites you visit so that you are fully aware of how and why platforms are using your Personal Data.

While we at BiteMyCoin aim to protect your data, we do not and will never support any illegal activities. Therefore, we should mention that if any law enforcement provides legitimate reasons to request personal data, we will disclose such data. We believe that complying with a legal obligation is vital for the safety of our community.

What Are Your Rights in Terms of Data Privacy?

Although your obligations as a user play a crucial role in ensuring your own safety, we want to emphasise the fact that your rights matter to us at BiteMyCoin. As a BiteMyCoin user, you have various rights related to your Personal Data. That said, such rights might be subject to certain exemptions, including safeguarding the public interest and ours. Some of the rights you can exercise in certain circumstances include:

  • Right of аccess: To ensure transparency, users can access their Personal Data collected online.
  • Right to erasure: Users can have their Personal Data deleted in certain circumstances.
  • Right to rectification: Users can ask for correction of their Personal Data if any inconsistencies are spotted.
  • Right to data portability: Users can ask for their Personal Data to be transmitted in a readable format or to another controller.
  • Right to restrict processing: Users can have their Personal Data marked as restricted.
  • Right to withdrawal: Users can withdraw their consent regarding the collection of their Personal Data.
  • Right to raise a complaint: Users are free to submit a complaint about the processing of their Personal Data.

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This Privacy Policy aims to give you information on how we collect and store your personal details and also how we share them with our business partners after your consent. This policy supplements other policies published on our website and is not intended to override them.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our team, and a customer support representative will be in touch shortly.