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Have we just found the best trading system in the crypto market? This Bitcoin Digital review will show you a legit website that can make crypto trading safe and efficient.

Bitcoin Digital claims it can connect you with the best crypto brokers on the market. Through them, you can use a top-tier trading platform and AI-powered trading bots for optimal results.

Are all of these claims true? Is this company truly legitimate? Read this Bitcoin Digital review to find out why we trust it and believe it’s not a scam.

What Is Bitcoin Digital?

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Because the Bitcoin Digital official website mentions various tools to help in crypto trading, many think it’s a broker or an auto trading platform. In reality, Bitcoin Digital doesn’t belong in either of these categories.

Instead, the company is an intermediary that can direct you to a safe and reliable trading system. The main goal of Bitcoin Digital is precisely to help traders find regulated brokers to support them on their trading journey.

But how can you be sure the Bitcoin Digital platform will direct you to a trustworthy broker? The company claims that it carefully evaluates many brokerages to find the ones with the most well-rounded services. Over the years, it has forged partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry. Thus, all of its partner brokers are well-established companies with up-to-date regulations and positive user testimonials.

Bitcoin Digital offers its customers to match them to one of these elite brokers. Moreover, it claims it performs this service for free. Naturally, we became curious if any of that was true and decided to test Bitcoin Digital ourselves. In the following section, we’ll share our first-hand experience using this service.

How Does Bitcoin Digital Work? Our Experience

To illustrate how Bitcoin Digital works, we’d like to share how trying the service went for our team. Our demonstration can hopefully help you see how simple signing up is.

Step 1: Registration

First, we created a new Bitcoin Digital account. All we had to do was fill in the registration form on the Bitcoin Digital website. It only asked for our name, email, and phone number.

After submitting the ‘register’ button, we almost instantly received an email from the Bitcoin Digital customer support asking us to confirm our account. We pressed the link in the email, and so our registration was complete!

Right now, there is no Bitcoin Digital trading app, but thankfully the website is mobile-friendly. A Bitcoin Digital trading application might be in the works, though.

Step 2: Finding a Broker

Initially, we thought Bitcoin Digital would send us to browse its long list of broker partners. In all fairness, we dreaded the prospect of having to once more parse through hundreds of brokerages and try to figure out which one would be best.

However, Bitcoin Digital pleasantly surprised us by matching us with a broker on its own. It seems that the service uses some sort of algorithm to identify the most suitable broker for each customer.

Thus, only a couple of minutes after registration, we had a broker. Because our team frequently reviews crypto trading platforms, we already knew this company. It was a well-known, respected broker that we’ve had favourable impressions of even before. In other words, we were happy with Bitcoin Digital’s recommendation.

Step 3: Start Trading Bitcoin

This step is where things might get a bit confusing. Bitcoin Digital is not a trading platform and doesn’t offer trading software. So, after we got matched with a broker, we had to head over to the broker’s website to set up our trading account. It’s also the broker that allowed us to download the trading platform and other software we wanted to try.

To actually begin trading, we had to first put money on our test account. Our broker demanded a minimum deposit of $250, and from what we read, that requirement is consistent for all companies Bitcoin Digital works with.

What we enjoyed here was that the broker supported many different payment methods, not just bank account wires. Thus, customers seem to have some choice of how to deposit or withdraw their money.

Moreover, we could also withdraw our deposit back without any issues. So, if you’re trying Bitcoin Digital and you got this far but change your mind, don’t worry — you can get your funds back if you decide not to trade.

Is Bitcoin Digital Legit or a Scam?

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Let’s be honest: not every platform out there cares about your success as a trader. Some automated trading systems bring no benefits. They might promise to make you a total crypto master overnight but only exist to scam you in the end.

There have been rumours online that Bitcoin Digital is one of these platforms. Nevertheless, we’re here to disprove those claims.

First and foremost, we checked all the information on Bitcoin Digital’s website. The company doesn’t make any ridiculous claims about making you a crypto millionaire in the blink of an eye. Instead, it has provided disclaimers to remind you that while crypto trading might be a profitable activity, it carries certain risks. We appreciate that the company is upfront about this.

In addition, Bitcoin Digital is entirely free. The company didn’t ask us to make any payments when registering or getting a broker recommendation. In fact, the app doesn’t get access to a user’s payment information at all.

To sum up, everything was in order when we tested Bitcoin Digital. The info on its website checks out, and our team was happy with the service we tried. As a result, we can confidently say Bitcoin Digital is legitimate.

Why Use Bitcoin Digital

bitcoin digital review official website

We can wholeheartedly recommend Bitcoin Digital to anyone looking to begin trading Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

This company can save traders lots of time and effort when finding a broker. We created several accounts and received a couple of different broker matches — all of them were reputable companies that our team already knew. So, we can confirm that Bitcoin Digital will match you with a trustworthy company. You will certainly enjoy the shortcut Bitcoin Digital provides if you’ve never traded crypto before.

But more than that, the platform is helpful because it offers more benefits. Here are some of the most impressive Bitcoin Digital pros:

  • Highly-efficient trading software — MetaTrader 4 or 5;
  • Fast order execution speed with accurate quotes;
  • Other assets to trade: currency pairs, stocks, futures, more digital currencies;
  • A convenient selection of payment methods;
  • User-friendly design suitable for beginners;
  • Demo trading mode to practice before your first live trading session;
  • A 24/7 customer support system and a free personal account manager to assist you if needed.

Bitcoin Digital Review | People Also Ask

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We covered the basics of Bitcoin Digital already. But if you have further questions, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the Internet’s most pressing questions about Bitcoin Digital — and their answers.

Is Bitcoin Digital a Good Investment?

Bitcoin Digital is not an investment — the website is free to use entirely. Thus, you don’t need to spend any money to determine if it’s good. But if you’re willing to take our word for it, we believe Bitcoin Digital can help you start trading crypto safely and efficiently.

Is Bitcoin Digital a Scam?

No, the website is a legitimate solution providing entry to the cryptocurrency market.

Is Bitcoin Digital Beginner-Friendly?

Yes! The platform is straightforward to use. Moreover, you can learn and practice trading strategies without risking any money on a demo account. Demo trading is an excellent way to build your skills before trying live trading.

Are Bitcoins Safe?

The Bitcoin network is generally considered secure. There are punishment mechanisms in place to ensure nobody cheats the blockchain. That’s the whole point of block verification, a.k.a. Bitcoin mining. Still, anything on the Internet could potentially be hacked. Thus, it’s crucial to choose a broker and a digital wallet that are secure, and to also diversify your investments, just as a precaution.

Is Bitcoin Digital or Real?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are digital creations that don’t have a material form. You cannot touch it or hold it in your hand like banknotes or coins. However, Bitcoin has real applications and is an accepted payment method in many businesses around the globe. Thus, its impact and power are real.

What Is the Bitcoin Digital Automated Trading Platform?

There is no Bitcoin Digital trading system or online auto trading platform. However, you can get an automated trading system from the broker Bitcoin Digital recommends. There are many types of trading software to choose from, but we cannot give you more details. You’d need to check what auto trading platforms your broker offers specifically. 

Where Can I Find the Bitcoin Digital Trading Robot?

Again, there is no Bitcoin Digital trading bot. The company’s broker partners offer all crypto trading robots and similar software. Your broker will have instructions on installing and using its Bitcoin trading bots.

Are Trading Robots AI-Powered?

Yes, crypto trading robots rely on AI to analyse live market data. They can identify market trends and patterns to produce accurate trading signals for opening or exiting trades. Thanks to these features, they can help automate most of the live trading process. However, they can be complicated to the untrained eye. If you’re a beginner, we recommend sticking to manual trading.

Do Any Celebrities Endorse Bitcoin Digital?

From Elon Musk to Snoop Dogg, many celebrities have praised and invested in cryptocurrencies. However, we couldn’t link any of them to the Bitcoin Digital app. For now, it seems the website doesn’t have any celebrity endorsements

Bitcoin Digital Review | Final Thoughts

Bitcoin Digital is a legitimate service that can help crypto traders find a regulated broker quickly without spending a dime. Moreover, each of its partners offers excellent trading software and support for beginners. Whether you’re completely new to crypto trading or simply looking to switch to a better broker, we believe Bitcoin Digital may be helpful to you.

We prepared a shortlist of advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Digital to help you decide if this service is for you:


  • No investment required;
  • Makes finding a regulated broker quick & easy;
  • Unlocks access to high-quality trading software;
  • Suitable for beginners;
  • Low minimum deposit requirements;
  • Other asset classes available for trading.


  • Crypto trading might cause you to lose money;
  • Trading bots may be difficult to use if you’re a beginner;


Cryptocurrency trading and other forms of investment pose a risk to your capital. The markets often move in unpredictable ways, and you may lose money.

The information in this Bitcoin Digital review cannot be considered investment advice. We recommend consulting a professional and doing your own research before investing.

Crypto CFDs are characterised by high volatility and are riskier than other assets. For this reason, the FCA has prohibited their trading in the United Kingdom via PS 20/10. Check with your local authorities for other restrictions that may apply.