The Fintech50 2019: 50 Fintechs to Watch in 2019

To call 2019 a turbulent year would be an understatement. Yet, despite the many challenges the world faced in 2019, the fintech sector continued its rapid expansion. To help you stay up to date with the latest developments in this fast-growing field, we would like to present you with the Fintech50 2019 — a list that reveals the ultimate set of companies to watch in the near future.

50 Fintechs to Watch in 2019

2019: a Year of Challenges

In many ways, global trends from 2018 carried on into 2019, with some new themes added to the mix.

The Trade War

First and foremost, the world continued to worry over the trade relationship between the United States and China. As the two most powerful economies globally, these two countries determine the overall tone in global trade. 

What seemed like a very intense trade war in 2018 appears to be winding down. The two countries slapped each other with tariffs on various goods, including agricultural products and raw materials. This harmed the global economy because it was up to businesses to cover those extra fees.

Moreover, the United States further agitated China by blacklisting many prominent Chinese companies, especially from the tech sector. For instance, Huawei, a leading producer of smartphones and 5G network equipment, was at the heart of the conflict. The company stood accused of gathering intelligence for the Chinese government and lost important business contracts.

The Trade War

Nevertheless, in 2019 President Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping managed to reach a consensus. The two leaders agreed on a new trade deal. As a result, Trump’s cabinet lowered some of the tariffs imposed in 2018 (though it did not remove them altogether). In turn, China agreed to increase imports from the United States to help alleviate the trade deficit between the two countries. 

Though the phase-one deal doesn’t fully resolve the problem, for now, at least it seems that the US-China trade war is coming to an end.


Europe had its own drama to resolve in 2019. It took almost three years since the 2016 referendum for the United Kingdom and the European Union to agree on a Brexit deal. 

The two blocs had to set the ground rules for a new relationship once the UK formally separates from the European Union in January 2020. However, there were so many points of contention between the two that kept us on their toes. Not reaching a deal seemed a possibility at several points in the year.

In fact, the inability of the UK and the EU to compromise forced an early change of government in the United Kingdom. The more moderate PM Theresa May resigned in favor of Boris Johnson, an avid Brexit supporter, who promised to ‘get it done.’ Johnson’s cabinet also missed multiple deadlines to reach an agreement before eventually, he clinched a deal last-minute. 

The consequences from the Brexit withdrawal agreement remain to be seen in 2020.

Financial Services Firms Thrived in 2019

Despite the political tension defining 2019, the financial technology sector continued growing. With a total fintech investment volume of $135.7 billion, 2019 was better than the previous year. Nevertheless, the gap between 2018 and 2019 is not as wide as the jump in investment from 2017 to 2018. Is this a sign that the fintech space is getting too crowded? It might be too early to say.

What we can see, however, is that the demand for more digital financial services remained strong in 2019. This, in turn, led to more and more businesses and start-ups joining the fray to offer creative solutions and make our lives easier. 

The Fintech50 in 2019

A team of dedicated fintech experts gathered to look back on 2019 and once again choose the most noteworthy fintech companies of the year. Their task was by no means easy, considering how diverse fintech is getting.

The FinTech50 2019

The sector’s entrepreneurs continue to bring innovation and improve customers’ access to affordable insurance, digital banks offering quick loans and savings accounts, or other smart business solutions. Inclusive Fintech was one of the hottest keywords for venture capital enthusiasts in 2019.

Still, after careful consideration, they managed to short-list 50 companies that show the most promise for the future. They had financial inclusion in mind and looked especially at firms that offer banking services in emerging markets or the Asia-Pacific region. Still, those are not all regions where the awarded financial institutions and startups are from.

Without further adieu, here is the Fintech50 for 2019 list you’ve all been waiting for.

Note that this list is in alphabetical order.

  1. Acorns – an investment platform dedicated to micro-investing and robo-investing
  2. Alan – a digital health insurance platform offering insurance services
  3. Azimo – a regulated financial institution offering money transfers
  4. Bitfury – a bitcoin mining server designed for small, medium, or enterprise-level investments
  5. Bolt – a cloud-based platform for payments and fraud protection
  6. Calastone – a global fund-transaction network
  7. Chainalysis – a tech solution helping governments, consumers and businesses embrace cryptocurrency
  8. Chime – an American company offering mobile banking services free of charge
  9. ClauseMatch – a platform that helps regulated organizations run their businesses safely and meet legal compliances
  10. ClearBank – a UK clearing and embedded banking platform
  11. Clearmatics – a blockchain company based in London
  12. ClearScore – a company offering advisory services to consumers
  13. CloudMargin – cloud-based collateral and risk management technology platform
  14. Coinbase – a secure platform for trading and storing digital currency
  15. ComplyAdvantage – an anti-money laundering platform helping regulated organizations manage risks obligations
  16. Cuvva – a start-up company offering car insurance services
  17. Cytora – a platform providing insurance services
  18. Eigen Technologies – an AI platform that helps organizations organize, categorize and analyze data
  19. Enigma – a data science company providing intelligence about businesses
  20. Everledger – a digital company providing solutions and promoting transparency in global supply chains
  21. Farewill – a private company providing will-writing and cremation services in the UK
  22. Featurespace – a real-time machine-learning product providing anti-fraud services
  23. Gardenia Technologies – an AI Carbon Management platform providing real-time gas emissions data
  24. Gemini – regulated cryptocurrency exchange and wallet
  25. Globechain – a B2B reuse marketplace with the goal of reducing waste
  26. Habito – an online mortgage broker providing innovative lending services
  27. HQLAx – a company that simplifies the ownership transfers of assets for a wide range of financial institutions
  28. IDnow – an AI machine learning technology that verifies documents
  29. Minna Technologies – a technology offering subscription management solutions
  30. Modulr – an online platform providing easy and faster payment services
  31. Monese – an alternative solution to traditional banking, offering current accounts and payment services
  32. Monzo – one of the first online banks based in the UK
  33. Mosaic Smart Data – a planning platform providing real-time data analysis
  34. Neufund – a blockchain-based platform focusing on investment and fundraising
  35. Nivaura – a blockchain company facilitating the interaction between external and internal users
  36. Nova Credit – a cross-border credit bureau providing financial services
  37. Onfido – a company that detects fraud by helping organizations verify their customers’ identities
  38. Pension Bee – an online pension planner, transferring and managing pensions in one place
  39. Railsbank – a platform that builds APIs for banking, credit products, and other kinds of businesses
  40. Raisin – a marketplace dedicated to savings and investments where banks connect with retail customers
  41. Revolut – a financial company offering online banking services
  42. Simudyne – a simulation software for financial organizations to simulate potential scenarios and decrease risks
  43. Solarisbank – a platform with a German banking license offering banking services
  44. Sonect – a network of virtual ATMs that converts a shop into an ATM
  45. Starling Bank – a digital bank based in the UK
  46. Stripe – provides APIs for payment processes that can be integrated into a website or mobile app
  47. Tessian – a cloud email security platform that prevents data loss and phishing attacks
  48. Tokeny – a blockchain company that allows organizations to manage digital assets easier and quicker
  49. TransferWise (Wise) – an online account for sending or receiving payments in other currencies
  50. Zego – a commercial motor insurance provider

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Financial trading poses a risk to your capital. The information presented in this article cannot be considered investment advice. Always familiarise yourself with the risks and any local restrictions that may apply to trading.