Tessian Is Tackling the Post-Pandemic Security Situation Head On

The Post-Pandemic Situation

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people indoors and living most of their lives online due to lockdown boomed. As a result, this led to a spike in the number of cybercrimes

From household goods to medical appointments, there were next to no niches of our day-to-day life that hackers didn’t try to exploit when we were at our most vulnerable. As time goes on, it’s becoming increasingly common for businesses or individuals to find themselves at the mercy of cybercriminals or at least know somebody who has.

The Post-Pandemic Situation

Introducing Tessian

In response, several security platforms have come along to tackle this ever-growing threat to our society. One platform, Tessian, has made quite a name for itself due to the empowering nature of the security services that they offer businesses worldwide.

With more than 150 employees spread across officers in the United Kingdom and North America, Tessian has a mission to provide world-class security services to some of the world’s leading businesses across financial, legal, and technology sectors.

Tessian has attracted some significant businesses as investors in recent years. We’re talking about Sequoia, Accel, March Capital, and Balderton. Many of them have played a massive role in crafted blue-chip companies that have defined various industries worldwide, such as Stripe, Slack, and Dropbox. Due to the company’s success, Tessian was chosen as one of the top 50 competitors in the Fintech50 2019 list.

From spear-phishing attacks and misdirected communications to unauthorized emails and the countless threats caused by human error, Tessian draws upon combined decades of cyber security experience to cover all possible dangers of keeping businesses safe.

Tessian: What Did They Do?

To achieve these high-grade cyber security services, Tessian successfully crafted the world’s first Human Layer Security platform. The firm’s mission is a noble one indeed, to protect the mission of each business, empowering its staff to achieve their best work, and all in a discreet and non-intrusive method that means security measures don’t get in their way.

Tessian World's first Human Layer Security platform

In the wake of the pandemic, Tessian released an easy-to-follow analysis highlighting how the current crisis has made cybersecurity an even more relevant area for companies to work on if they want to succeed.

The minds behind Tessian stated that cybercriminals heavily took advantage of the valid fears and uncertainty of millions during the pandemic. Many ordinary people desperately needed relevant, up-to-date information from health officials and government bodies.

In response, hackers took advantage and successfully posed as said resources and software providers to deceive innocent people. As vast swathes of the global population shifted to working at home, this provided the perfect storm for ruthless cyber hackers.

“While some of the less sophisticated phishing attacks are becoming easier to spot, hackers’ techniques are evolving and becoming more sophisticated. This makes it easier to evade security defenses and more difficult for people to detect the scams” – Tessian spokesperson.

For example, the widespread use of video conference calls on apps like Zoom provided hackers with the perfect platform to impersonate and extract personal details from users. Equally, payment requests were also taken advantage of as company employees were now unable to verify requests as quickly and efficiently as they could before the lockdown when in-person interaction was the norm.

The opinion of Tessian is that to survive in the fast-paced world of business, firms need to invest in their cyber security. Even if a mere email is compromised via a scam, it can dramatically affect company profits negatively.

Firms need to invest in their cyber security


Overall, Tessian’s Human Layer Security platform leaves no stone unturned in the mission to achieve complete email security. Whether inbound threats from scammers to outbound data loss prevention, this is a cutting-edge platform that covers all angles of protection against the most dangerous phases of the email cyberattack kill chain.