Zego | Powering Fintech and Modern Business

Fintech companies bring financial technology and real-life solutions together. One of the leaders in the field – also ranked by Fintech50 – is Zego. 

Zego is a London-based company, defined as an insurtech company that offers novel commercial motor insurance products. Zego’s primary goal is to make motor insurance accessible to everyone. 

They focus on the transportation sector, offering insurance policies to vehicles and fleets. Besides, their services suit self-employed drivers and different businesses by offering various policies. This includes pay-as-you-go and annual policies.

ZEGO Insurance Tech

Their Story

Zego was created in 2016. For a few years, this revolutionary fintech has managed to grow into one of the leaders in the field. As stated on their website: “Since our inception in 2016, Zego has protected over 200,000 vehicles for thousands of businesses, from sole traders to fleets to global corporates.” 

Zego has attracted backers, including DST Global, General Catalyst, Target Global, and more. On top of that, they have managed to double its services, partners, employees, payment technology and influence beyond Europe. Zego has also managed to forge many successful partnerships. For instance, companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Uber Eat, Just Eats, and more insure their drivers via Zego.

Now the company name is well-known globally, as their software solutions and services expand into different sectors. In fact, Zego has become one of the key management companies and operators in the e-scooter rental market in the UK, along with giants like Tier, Voi and Dott.

What Makes Zego Unique

Zego is not just another fintech. Zego is a leading worldwide provider that can go above and beyond. The company addresses one of the most critical issues: insurance is often expensive, and payments are difficult to understand. Thus, they prefer to craft easy-to-follow insurance policies that don’t disenfranchise customers and local communities. 

The company, powered by novel communications and technologies, combines abundant data and cost-effective solutions. They do not only build their own policies efficiently but partner up with reputable insurers to enhance people’s safety and reduce any security risk.

Zego | Key Features

  • Zego is a ‘New Mobility’ insurance provider, powering opportunities for modern business by saving time and money. 
  • The fintech leader has quickly risen to the forefront of smart insurance and software solutions thanks to its flexible service and efficiency. This way, their solutions are also enhancing people’s safety and emotional health.
  • Zego can meet the individual needs of self-employed drivers or riders. Zego can also cater to the interests of corporate businesses with multiple cars, boats, and smart devices.
  • One of Zego’s most unique selling points is that the client has more options for the duration of their insurance than other companies offer. For instance, it’s possible for riders to purchase insurance for just one hour with 100% efficiency.
  • This innovative insurance provider is active in the United Kingdom and Spain, with plans to expand its full value and utilities beyond Europe in the near future.
ZEGO Insurtech

Zego & Cryptocurrency

With the expanding influence of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, there is no doubt the fintech industry will keep changing – transforming global payments, community associations, and in a sense, the way we think of finances.

How will Zego integrate Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and insurances? We are excited about its future!!

More insights about their up-to-date services, complete insurance policies and global payments can be found on their website.


This fintech article is for information purposes and shouldn’t be regarded as financial advice. We are not liable for any payments or losses resulting from the content listed above. Whether you decide to sign up for a crypto account or get insurance via Zego, always do your diligence. Also, consult a licensed financial professional to help you limit the risk of losing money.