The Fintech50 Hall of Fame: the Most Successful Fintech Experts

The future is now! We have so much power at our fingertips that past generations could never imagine. All manner of outstanding services are at your disposal thanks to fintechs and the genius minds that created them. But do you know who they are? Let’s look at some of the biggest names in the Fintech50 Hall of Fame to find out.

The Power of Financial Technology

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How often do you pay for things with your phone? Send money to friends and family on the go? Get flexible insurance in just a few clicks? Exchange cryptocurrencies? Those are just some examples of open banking.

Virtually all of these services are provided to you by fintech companies. Using innovative technology, they create new, simpler ways to pay for goods and services. These software solutions aim to improve financial inclusivity and make essential services accessible to everyone.

After all, traditional finance poses many challenges. For some people, the main issue is the complicated language in which all terms and agreements are written. Fintechs generally have more clear-cut, easy-to-understand conditions to improve transparency.

For others, the problem with traditional finance relates to availability. For example, living in remote areas can make trips to the bank or exchange office burdensome. Yet, people in those areas still deserve access to banking services.

And for a wholly different group of people, fintech enables them to do things they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The cryptocurrency market is the best example in this regard. Using blockchain technology, purchasing NFTs, mining, or exchanging crypto — these fintech-powered forms of investment offer opportunities we couldn’t even dream of 20 years ago. One could argue that digital currencies are the most exciting branch of fintech.

Clearly, there are too many examples of successful fintech companies that have improved our lives over the years. While we can’t possibly mention every one of them, we thought you might want to learn about some of the greatest innovators in the field. Let this Fintech50 Hall of Fame introduce you to an international panel of brilliant business people with admirable pioneering spirit.

Fintech Names Worth Knowing

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Many people have distinguished themselves with their fintech achievements. Though this list is not exhaustive, here are some of the most famous financial innovators.

Charles Cascarilla

Cascarilla was one of the first entrepreneurs to back Bitcoin. He saw the potential of blockchain technology back when the concept still had many opponents. Cascarilla has since developed his own blockchain — Paxos. Though its name might not ring a bell immediately, this network processes payments in PayPal and Venmo. Even if you didn’t know Charles Cascarilla by name, you’ve been using his creations daily for years. How amazing is that?

Edrizio De La Cruz

De La Cruz has many achievements but is most famous for being the founder and CEO of Arcus. The company provides help with online payments to big, corporate clients. At least 85 international companies that we know of use Arcus to handle payments.

Joshua Motta

Motta is the mind behind Coalition, one of the most well-known defence mechanisms protecting businesses from data breaches and fraudulent attacks. The talented developer is one of the most famous names when it comes to cyber security. His company has a market cap of $2 billion at the time of writing. 

Stephany Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick used her experience in finance to develop Orum in 2019. The company tends to a narrow niche but is arguably the most successful in what it does. In particular, Orum helps fintech companies and banks perform risk assessments. It’s an AI-powered solution that has also helped companies reduce the time it takes to make money transfers.

Wole C. Coaxum

Drawing on his JP Morgan Chase background, Coaxum created MoCaFi. His company contributes to financial inclusivity, offering ATM access and providing financial infrastructure to rural communities. Furthermore, MoCaFi cooperates with Mastercard and CitiBank, among other partners.

The Fintech50 List

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