Gardenia Technologies: Promoting Economic Growth by Facilitating Trade at Every Scale!

When 40% of customers claim that they would stop buying from a company whose products or services negatively impact the environment, it’s clear that becoming more environmentally friendly should be imperative to any business. 

For many companies around the world, successfully monitoring their environmental impact to reduce it and become more sustainable was a nightmarish task that added a level of stress to the increasingly competitive world of business. 

That was until the winner of this year’s NadiFin Accelerator, Gardenia Technologies, came along to tackle this problem head-on. Their mission was to utilize proprietary advanced analytics and systematic working capital finance solutions to improve the profitability and sustainability of various companies worldwide.

About Gardenia Technologies

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Founded in 2016 by Jonathan Schneider and Rupert Schneider, Gardenia Technologies is based in the heart of London’s business district. Since its foundation, it has become a cutting-edge addition to the Fintech realm and an environmentally friendly business in many ways.

In a Deloitte Global survey of over 2,000 business executives worldwide, it was revealed that 90% shared similar opinions that their profits and sustainability will be negatively affected by climate change in various ways further into the future. There is an apparent demand for environmental management tools for global business.

So, as a result, one of the most popular aspects of Gardenia Technologies is its expansive range of carbon accounting and management tools that enable businesses to improve profitability for their company and reduce their impact on the environment. 

How? Gardenia has crafted a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to give companies a worldwide overview of their environmental impact. All of which is relayed in real-time.

Another one of the defining features of Gardenia Technologies is its ability to provide fully systematic, automated, data-driven solutions that can provide finance along the entire supply chain lifecycle.

In addition, it boasts unique algorithms that are crafted to analyze transactional data and, in turn, assess the real-world risk in payments and underwrite financing decisions. 

Gardenia Technologies And Its Mission

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In the summer of 2019, the Fintech firm was the winner of the 2019 NadiFin Acceleration Program. As a result, this was the gateway to a €100,000 investment from MiddleGame Ventures.

Despite only being under three years old, Gardenia Technologies surged towards the future rapidly, and it shows no sign of stopping. For that reason, it rightfully earned its top place in our Fintech50 2019 list.

The role of this Fintech powerhouse in the financial sphere can be broken down into three simple features.

The mission of Gardenia Tech is to provide businesses with the tools they need to achieve profitability and beyond while maintaining a healthy and sustainable environmental footprint. As this Fintech firm becomes a multiple award winner in data-driven working capital and financing solutions, it’s clear that this mission is being achieved. 

But does Gardenia Tech have a future? To survive in the fast world of business and finance, companies need to become environmentally friendly. It’s non-negotiable. 

Some countries like the UK have made it a legal requirement for certain companies to disclose their impact on the environment in new laws being passed. Other countries that are a hub for global business will likely follow the British example. 

Leading brands like Mastercard, Dell, and Goldman Sachs are already making great leaps towards becoming sustainable companies. Thanks to the powerful tools offered by Gardenia Tech, smaller companies can achieve the same!


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Overall, Gardenia Technologies have made it their mission to cement the role of businesses in a more sustainable future. Their recent achievement of being the 2019 NadiFin Acceleration Program winner points to a very bright future ahead indeed!