Mosaic Smart Data: Google Analytics Tracking in Real-Time

In 2019, Mosaic Smart Data was recognised as one of the biggest brands in fintech out of 1,700 fintech firms. Fintech50 is known to collate a list of organisations doing wonders in their selected industry. 

Headquartered in London, with over $9 million in funding and a proven track record, Mosaic Smart has earned the right to be part of the leading companies providing cutting-edge technology. We believe that Mosaic Smart Data can surpass investor expectations. This FinTech50 article will cover its achievements and developments.

The Mosaic Smart Big Data Analytics System

mosaic analyticss system

Technology has been leading the charge for a better in recent years, and Mosaic Smart Data has not exempted itself from contributing to the process. Right now, financial technology is the hot cake. Both businesses and individuals need the tech ecosystem to peak, and data forms an integral part. Tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Appleneed data to thrive. Interestingly, this segment is where Mosaic Smart Data operates. 

Mosaic Smart provides real-time data intelligently for businesses to meet customers’ demands. The company makes this process easy as it collects personal data and uses data-driven tools to develop opportunities for businesses. Financial institutions are mainly the top beneficiaries of this unique data interaction system.

Founded in 2014 by Matthew Hodgson, Mosaic Smart Data aims to help financial institutions overcome the restrictions of high-fixed costs and a defective market structure. Over the years, Mosaic Smart has been able to deliver on this promise. Let’s not forget notable investors have shown unimaginable belief in the Mosaic Smart solution. In 2019, Mosaic Smart Data raised $9 million in a Series A funding led by Octopus Ventures and CommerzVentures. The world-leading financial institution JPMorgan Chase also added to the seed in the same funding round.

Think about it. Are these reasons enough to have Mosaic Smart in the Fintech50? Well, you might not know, but Mosaic offers other external services. These different external services are why the company has amassed thousands of clients worldwide.

How Mosaic Smart Data Drives Financial Technology Growth

mosaic smart data financial growth

This update might not be viral news, but Mosaic Smart has a solid partnership with Limeglass – a financial research firm. Because of this long-term collaboration, Mosaic can provide actionable insight to help banks and other financial institutions. 

At the forefront of Mosaic Smart are financial market professionals who have helped meet client needs in challenging periods and overcome fixed-income problems with data. Mosaic uses google analytics cookies to collect information that might be vital to the marketing campaigns of these financial institutions. 

With Mosaic Smart Data, companies can identify opportunities in the capital market. The data-science-driven solution allows market participants to provide actionable insights and modify cookies. Other tools that help with Mosaic’s data analytics include google maps, browser security settings, and google Webfont settings. Mosaic Smart also believes that Artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics are essential for banks to remain relevant. With customers rapidly moving to more technological solutions, skipping these parts might mean doom for the future of banks. 

Although we believe that fintech is the future of banking, we cannot overlook traditional banks. Having Mosaic Smart on the Fintech50 companies while providing data to drive more adoption is a well-deserved position. 


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