Fintech50 | What We Do

What We Do

Fintech50 is your top partner in the fintech industry – it combines abundant financial data and novel technologies to provide real-life solutions. We review the fintech market 24/7 to ensure our clients have access to real-time updates, the latest fintech rankings and hot information about promising start-ups around the globe. What we do can be described as ongoing research, implementation of financial technologies, and learning processes.

Why do we do it? To create a global information portal that can help both beginners and experts understand beginners and experts in different fields to understand and benefit from the hottest innovations in the sector. 

Whether you need new mobile insurance or loan services, the top fintech solutions are a click away.

Fintech50 Rankings

We at Fintech50 gather continuous data on fintechs of all sizes and give them the recognition they deserve. Based on in-depth research, reputable sources and our independent judging panel, we keep our list of 50 Fintechs in Europe and the globe open to anyone who wants to learn about the sector and its potential.

Fintech50 What We Do

The best part is that it includes promising early-stage companies, providing 100% inclusion in the sector. So if you are an entrepreneur interested in bringing finances and technology together, why don’t you dig a bit deeper into our fintech sources now?

We aim to cover different emerging markets, including but not limited to:

  • Fintech companies and banks
  • Small businesses and early-stage fintechs
  • Equity crowdfunding and venture capital
  • Core banking financial products to benefit low-income households
  • Fast payments and transactions
  • Mortgage, debt, savings, and credit
  • Blockchain technology enabling individuals to access the future of finance
  • Global network and partnerships
  • Inclusive financial services

Our Team

Fintech50 is not just a company that partners with other businesses and media sites. We are a global family with experts spanning across the globe. We aim to provide transparent information and excellence to help individuals, fintechs, and even governments excel further. 

Fintech50: Our Team

Whether our experts are busy with updating fintechs to watch or marketing our services, rest assured that our team has one thing in common: our love for fintech solutions and business success.

Our Beliefs

While we at Fintech50 aim for transparency and inclusion, we also love innovations and excellence. We believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies can help the fintech sector progress further and bring real-life solutions to communities around the globe. And when we say communities, we mean it! Because we believe that there is no place for an “ism” in the sector and that crypto-based fintech can help anyone, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, and race. 

That’s why we keep highlighting the leaders in the space and giving small start-ups the opportunity to shine. By doing that, we are here to transform financial services and social order worldwide.

The Fintech50 Community

Given our passion for the latest financial technologies and fintech unicorns across the globe, it’s no surprise that our hub of innovation brings more and more people together. From brilliant individuals to innovative start-ups, our partners and we are here to shape the future of finance and accelerate social changes. 

Fintech50 Community

We partner up with more and more reputable companies that offer easy-to-use tools and fintech solutions, including BiteMyCoin, to ensure 100% transparency

  • Transparency of information 
  • Transparency of technological innovation
  • Transparency of financial services
  • Transparency of real-life applications 

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The Fintech50 List

Every year our team of experts conducts an in-depth analysis to select the most innovative and creative fintech companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance during the specific year. You can stay up to date with our fintech lists and find out the company names that left the biggest impression.


This Fintech50 | What We Do article is for information purposes. We do not provide any financial advice or fintech comparisons. We do not encourage anyone to start trading cryptocurrency either. We do not hold any liability for potential losses resulting from crypto investing. We encourage you to consult a licensed professional before you engage in any financial activity. No matter what financial venture you choose, you risk losing your entire investment. Carry on due diligence.