Archax: The Digital Securities Exchange with FCA Backing

Have you heard of Archax? Bet you have if you are active in the digital assets economy. If not, you might have been sleeping on one of the most incredible opportunities, especially if you are a UK resident. Remember how you can’t invest in digital securities and assets? That has come to a halt. 

The FCA approved the operations of regulated digital asset platforms, with Archax being the first. Arhcax officially became the first-ever regulated digital assets platform in 2019. To make matters more interesting, Archax is allowed to operate in the cryptocurrency market globally. It is not every day you bump on exciting updates like this, but here you are.

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Archax offers a credible bridge between the blockchain world and the traditional investment space. The company’s ecosystem is much faster and superior to the existing institutional trading workflow. While Archax Ltd is not at its highest level yet, institutional investors have picked excellent interest in its ecosystem. Archax has built a high-performance infrastructure to trade and access the capital markets with a solid team of ex-traditional investment experts and an accomplished advisory board.

Think about it. Are you tired of FCA’s ban on cryptocurrency? Then you might have got lost in the fray. This Fintech50 research about Archax will wake you up. Would you want to be a part of the Archax ecosystem? Then you can check out Archax official website or register as an Archax exchange user.

Fundraising to Global Glory

For many fintech companies, raising adequate funds represents a sign of excellent work. Unlike most companies in the Fintech50 list, Archax has had only one funding round. Having the company in the most innovative fintech firms globally with only a few investors shows that Arcax must be doing everything right.

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In February 2019, Archax raised more than its target as its investors funded the seed round with $1.5 million. Led by a digital securities company, SPiCE VC, Archax has been able to scale its progress since the fundraising. Although Archax has users worldwide, the company wants to expand into other countries with proper regulation officially. According to the CEO AND Co-Founder, Graham Rodford, Archax might expand into Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US sooner than expected.

Operating in the Regulated Digital Asset Ecosystem

We all know that many governments do not like the idea of cryptocurrencies. We can’t blame them. Would anyone be happy with digital asset technology taking control? Most likely not. Seeing that they can’t escape the revolution, some governments have conceded to losing the fight and now regulate a part of the crypto space. So, how has Archax been surviving in the regulated digital asset economy? Let’s find out.

When Archax became the first firm on FCA’s crypto-asset register, many believed that it contradicted the idea of decentralisation. Looking at its pros, more people can adopt cryptocurrencies without the fear of unannounced liquidation of their bank accounts. Fortunately, Archax has been able to find its way around this process and is thriving well in the sector. 

We find Archax worthy of its inclusion in the Fintech50 and believe the company is destined for more success. However, if you want to explore everything this crypto startup offers, visit the company’s official website.

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Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets, and investing without proper education might make your financial life unbearable. We suggest that you consult with an expert financial advisor before making decisions. 

That said, note that this Fintech50 article is for informational purposes only. We are not linked with Archax as our partners duly compensate us. Making financial decisions off this article will not be our responsibility. Please, do your research.

Important Information for UK residents: Crypto CFD trading is prohibited in the UK as per the FCA’s PS 20/10. Although Archax might be regulated, we suggest finding out for yourself. If you are a resident of other countries, carry out due diligence.