Private Equity Funds in Safe Hands with Moonfare

Thirty years ago, private investing did not seem as open as today. Even though it’s still an exclusive practice, more individual private equity investors can use the internet to cherry-pick investments that suit them. Suppose we were to describe it as the stars aligning for an investment platform. In that case, all hands will point to Moonfare– the fintech that enables individuals to access private equity buyouts worldwide

While you are most likely a rich person to be a Moonfare user, the technology platform allows you to leverage private markets and become unbelievably more prosperous. We have watched trends come and go, but none seem to move mountains for top-tier funds investors like Moonfare does. Only a few companies can boast about managing over 1 billion worth of assets efficiently. If you are curious to know who they are, you can find out in our complete Fintech50 list

Disrupting Asia and Expanding into Secondary Markets 

moonfare expanding secondary market

It is unusual for European firms to break into Asian markets, especially those offering private clients services. If you have watched Asian nations closely, you would have noticed how they would instead stick to their native companies. But Moonfare has achieved the unthinkable by getting a part of their top 1% into the ecosystem. 

As of 2020, Moonfare reached almost 5,000 users on its platform. Imagine getting 5,000 high-net-worth individuals to invest a minimum of €100,000 in under three years. How Moonfare achieved that is a mystery many still can’t solve. However, you can point to one thing in the Moonfare team’s mission. Unlike other asset class offers, Moonfare offers private-market investments opportunities to individuals who have been sidelined for years.

Headquartered in Germany, the company has been able to grow beyond the walls of its Berlin office. Founded in 2017, Moonfare got a 650% increase in userbase, with an average investment value of €480,000 as of 2019. Coupled with the fact that the company has spread its wings into major parts of Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg, and the UK.

Having raised $125 million in its Series C round, the company has partnered with private financial institutions to help its customers leverage top-tier funds. Business partners, including Bernberg, Germany’s most recognised private bank, have Moonfare on their side. Based on FinTec50 research, this partnership will enable the bank’s clients to invest in private equities without restriction

Why the Moonfare Team Is the Perfect Choice

moonfare team

Let’s be clear. It’s not always you come across an almost perfect team at a fintech. However, the case seems to be different at Moonfare. With a team of highly respected professionals, and advisors from Allianz Capital Partners, Google, and J.P Morgan Chase, Moonfare appears to have gotten everything right. After succeeding in traditional financial institutions, it is only normal that these hands have been trusted to use modern technologies to help people profit from the secondary market.

If it sounds like you can trust Moonfare to handle your investments, you can contact the company. That said, we suggest that you get an in-depth understanding of the company’s services before investing. Only you can decide what makes a good investment.

Risk Disclaimer

moonfare disclaimer

Investing in private markets and cryptocurrencies carries some level of risk. Although Moonfare has been quite successful with managing investors’ funds, we suggest that you do some research. You can also seek the advice of an investment expert before committing your funds. 

Please, note that we at FinTech50 are not linked to Moonfare in any way. This article is strictly independent. If you are to make investment decisions off this article, you do at your own risk. Carry out due diligence.

UK residents are prohibited from sales of crypto CFD investments as per the FCA’s PS 20/10 regulation. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the crypto laws in your region before investing.