AccessFintech Is Evolving the Financial Industry Operating Model

AccessFintech to the World

Fintech is reshaping the financial world at a rapid pace. In recent years, the Fintech50 list has seen swathes of innovative startups and well-established companies pioneer various aspects of the industry. 

But when it comes to accessing the world of Fintech, laying solid foundations, and maintaining flawless communication with the rest of the Fintech ecosystem, the road isn’t always smooth. This was an issue that became so persistent. There was increasing demand for a platform with a mission to evolve the current financial industry operating model.

AccessFintech to the World

To answer this demand came AccessFintech. This financial platform was founded in 2016. The minds behind it consisted of a dynamic team of financial industry experts who had a wealth of proven experience. The AccessFintech team was all hand-picked based on their high levels of active working ability, creative mindset, and financial expertise in driving efficiency and solving problems in the complex world of the international financial markets.

Its Mission and What It Can Do

The mission of AccessFintech is to utilize all technology available to them to revolutionize the current financial industry operating model. The platform aims to drive control, transparency, efficiency, and collaboration across the ecosystem. 

One of AccessFintech’s primary pillars is the value of a self-service ethos, where risk is mutualized, leading to enhanced and more enlightened decision-making across different organizations, individuals, and clients.

Since its foundation, the team behind AccessFintech has carefully crafted an exemplary network of participants from across the global financial industry that works together, shares data, and collaborates on the resolution of trades. 

AccessFintech's Mission

Whether it’s banks, brokers, custodians, fund administrators, trustees, agents, or outsourcers, the Access Fintech platform comprises various facets of the financial industry. Many of whom hold the platform’s exception management tool in high regard. This tool allows participants to view and act on data across the Access Fintech network and lets participants securely share data and work together efficiently and safely. 

Thanks to the industry-agnostic cloud platform boasted by Access Fintech, users can gain a precise analysis of all current outstanding risks that may face them and take the appropriate measures. 

This gives users of Access Fintech the unique ability to categorize exceptions in terms of their risk, assign them to employees, collaborate with outside stakeholders, and carry out action resolution. This can be achieved through the same UI with a kit of auditable investigation tools.

More Services

In addition, the platform enables complete lifecycle management of all trade exceptions. It allows users to aggregate, normalize, enrich and publish data from any source and in any format, which gives them a clear view of discrepancies if they exist.

AccessFintech's Services

And last but by no means least is one of the most popular aspects of the Access Fintech platform: VendorLake. This is the glue of the entire Access Fintech ecosystem and allows for data sharing overall. The mission of the VendorLake program is to deliver a combination of data access and workflow solutions by pairing businesses, individuals, and organizations to a wide range of different vendors. This is done through a single gateway that works while sitting above their technology.

They can access these solutions and data via AFT VendorLake or AFT Gateway, enabling API management for standalone vendors and utilities, reducing time for new vendor onboarding, and managing data distribution rights and permissions. It also mitigates the cost of API management.

Neatly combined under one flawless commercial and legal framework, the VendorLake program of AccessFintech provides paired access to vendor and utility solutions. Here, vendors can host a wide range of their products and services as microservices. When it comes to their additional vendor packages, they can host them through the same commercial framework already up and running within the Access Fintech ecosystem.