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To become a successful Fintech company, one needs to abide by the law, manage any disputes responsibility, and stay updated with current regulations and legislation. To do so without impacting your business, one often requires a dynamic lawyer well-suited to the fast-paced Fintech industry. 

Linklaters Introduction

One Fintech-focused law firm quickly becoming a favourite among multiple finance firms worldwide is Linklaters LLP. Amongst its hundreds of staff located in a global portfolio of offices worldwide, Linklaters has combined decades of experience in providing innovative and up-to-date consultations and advice to leading Fintech brands worldwide.

Linklaters: How Did It Start

In particular, Linklaters has formed close working relationships with many conventional banks around the world to assist them in developing open banking and digitalization processes to provide a cutting-edge banking experience for their users. 

Around the world, Linklaters has developed a respectable reputation for having international abilities. As a result, this firm can produce working results that transcend borders and allow businesses to thrive, flourish, and expand across various global jurisdictions. 

Linklaters LLP has its headquarters in one of the world’s most significant financial hubs: London. Its offices are often occupied by some of the most promising Fintech startup teams seeking advice, consultations, and answers surrounding the fast-moving laws, regulations, and things to be considered when it comes to developing new digital tokens or digital payment systems.

Linklaters certainly didn’t lay the foundations of its reputation in the modern world of finance. It has been around for decades. But as an innovative firm at the cutting edge of global finance, it was understood early on that the Fintech industry is one of the most promising additions to the financial evolution in recent years.

What Linklaters Has To Offer

In sync with the increasing digitization of the financial market, infrastructure comes a wide range of legal, regulatory, and structuring issues that can have an enormous impact on financial market infrastructures, financial institutions, financial technology companies, end-users, and industry bodies. It was this area that Linklaters aimed to revolutionize by helping their Fintech clients in navigating the tangle of legal issues, risks, and regulations.

What Linklaters Has To Offer

Forming a team of experts from its heavily-experienced employees, Linklaters began to earn itself a reputation amongst new and existing Fintech firms for their regular consultations on the use of novel technologies such as distributed ledgers and smart contracts within the modern financial markets.

But Linklaters has been around long enough to know that the sophisticated and complex world of Fintech isn’t always smooth. Such an industry isn’t without its risk, whether system failures, data breaches, cyber-attacks, or misuse of intellectual property. If not prevented or managed correctly, all of these can have a substantial negative impact on any company whether it’s operationally, reputationally, or financially.

To ensure their clients can achieve their best performance, Linklaters assists companies with constructing and maintaining fool-proof systems to ensure cyber security, effectively protect their intellectual property, and create the appropriate responses to act fast to crises if they do inevitably happen. 

Over the years, Linklaters has seen itself on the frontline of ground-breaking use cases in global finance. From stable coins to Central Bank digital currencies, this is a leading Fintech law firm that has been proud to work with some of the most innovative startups and established merchant acquirers, payment processors, and providers of online payment gateways across the broad spectrum of the global financial industry.

The cutting edge of global finance


As the company moves into the future, it has placed an increasing level of determining interest in the rapidly growing world of crypto litigation. For sure, Linklaters always ensures it is at the cutting edge of global finance, and it looks like it will continue to do so for many more years to come!