Arabesque AI: Distributed Ledger Technology for Sustainable Investment

The way Arabesque is driving financial technology transformation is incredibly insane. Imagine combining the power of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and big data to provide sustainable wealth and asset management for financial services. Unbelievable? You had better believe it. If you doubt what we’re saying, one click of a button will take you to the Arabesque website. You can check and see the fantastic expertise provided by this company.

Wait! Did you miss the memo about why we have made Arabesque an essential part of this Fintech50 series? If you did, let’s break it down a little. Arabesque Group is not like your everyday investment platform. We think what they do would have been unthinkable if we hadn’t seen results. The company brings research, AI and innovation together to provide investment recommendations and predict the future performance of thousands of equities. 

So tell us why would investors not put their finance in the hands of Arabesque when consumers and clients continue to vouch for their credibility? Arabesque is transforming fintech for the next generation in building sustainable investment for financial institutions. Read on.

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Arabesque Global Performance in Numbers

The numbers Arabesque has been doing since 2019 are nothing short of spectacular. Visualise this. Will any typical company manage digital assets properly for thousands of businesses and companies without getting stuck in the middle? Your answer is most likely yes.

Let’s take a look at Arabesque finance results. Based on the company’s transparency and Fintech50 research, these are the outstanding numbers.

  • 25 super-efficient employees up until December 2021
  • 25,000 daily stocks and equities evaluation
  • A reliable research team with 80% Ph.D. holders
  • $400 million of investment and asset management strategies powered by Arabesque AI
  • 67% positive results on investment strategies and billions of data points.

So if you thought about what makes Arabesque so unique and trusted, maybe this gives you a clue. 

While you might be contemplating investing your capital with the company, we urge you to be careful. AI might be an instrument in managing a part of your finance, but it doesn’t just end there. To make sound financial decisions and sustainable investments, you should be willing to do your research. We suggest you do. Like cryptocurrencies and investments in fintech, there is a level of risk that comes with it.  

Let’s look at the vital partnership involving the London-based firm. Continue reading.

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Partnerships and Recent Development

In all of Europe, Arabesque seems to be the most reliable company that supports open banking, cloud computing, and sustainable wealth management. These scalable solutions have attracted reputable partners to the organisation.

With a world-class team of research experts , and a solid advisory board, Arabesque has been able to grab institutions’ attention.

  • DWS Group. The collaboration with the AI-based investment solution has helped Arabesque develop its ESG data and AI Global Equity fund.
  • The biggest partnership is the one with Real Estate giant-ABG. The global fintech company achieved a key milestone in ABG’s sustainability strategy, while the collaboration has been vital to transparency creation and business sustainability.

Without further deliberation, you can agree that Arabesque’s inclusion in the Fintech50 is justified.

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Arabesque has proven to be helpful in AI asset management for a while. The process provided by the company has made the portfolio management process simple. That said, it is not risk-proof. You can lose money. So, we suggest that you do your research about the fintech company or consult a financial advisor.

Important Information to UK residents: Trading of crypto CFDs is prohibited in the UK as per the PS 20/10 regulation. It is also likely that the country might ban some other investments. Familiarise yourself with the rules.