Liberis: Revenue-Based Finance Solutions for Small Businesses

One lingering problem that has plagued small businesses for a long while is funding. Without it, most small businesses find it challenging to scale. And the worse part? The bank won’t support a business or brand without a long list of ridiculous documents. 

Now is the time to take away all that worry because, with Liberis, funding has become easy to provide. If you doubt the services delivered by this company, check out our fintech article to know how London-based firm Liberis has partnered with small businesses worldwide. Follow closely. 

Liberis: The Global Partner for SMEs

liberis partner global sme

Over the years, Liberis has proven to be influential in fintech development in England, Europe, and other parts of the world. Since launching in 2007, the company has provided over £500 million in funding for Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs). This incredible amount is not just limited to the U.K. Liberis has grown beyond borders. With partnership and customers in the U.S, Finland, Sweden, Liberis matches action with its talk to be a global partner.

The mission of Liberis is straightforward. With a team of finance experts, the platform provides small businesses with the opportunity to build. Based on our Fintech50 investigation, the funds offered by Liberis are lovely. Small businesses can access between £1000 and £300,000 depending on eligibility. So, if you are a small business looking to grow beyond your present state, now might be the time to look towards Liberis. But let’s remind you. Liberis might be flexible with its services, but nothing is handed to you on a platter.

Eligible customers of Liberis have to show records of brand growth, credit, and debit sales. However, Liberis has been known to accept most funding requests. In 2020, Liberia raised 70 million in debt funding for SMEs. Similarly, the fintech firm lent over 250 million to businesses across five countries between 2018 and 2020. These records might not be enough for you to see the excellent work the company has been doing. 

Liberis Superb Results

liberis superb result

If you have read up to this stage, get ready to see more wonders. The numbers you’ve seen before are small compared to the ones we are about to show you. Take a look.

  • 17,000 small businesses funded since 2007
  • 50% year-on-year increase in customer loyalty
  • 92% average customer satisfaction
  • An incredible 3-in-4 customer approval
  • £500 million disbursed across 35,000 deals.

Imagine achieving all of this and getting requests for partnerships with global payments companies. To this day, the founding team of Charles Mindenhall and Paul Mildestein have helped improve existing customer experiences. How does Liberis pull off the provision of embedded business finance? Read on. We will explain briefly.

How Liberis Secures Embedded Business Finance

Liberis uses different applications to ensure embedded business finance for its customers. The platform offers other choices. From using SaaS providers, payment processing integrations, an e-commerce platform, or your bank, you can enjoy seamless integration with Liberis. 

You get funding, automation, and every other solution for your end business customers with a single API. Now, look at how much funding Liberis has received and its fantastic partnerships.

Funding and Partnership

liberis funding partnership

Liberia has raised a mind-blogging $217.4 million over four funding rounds between 2013 and 2012. The nine investors involved in all of the rounds include

  • British Business Investments
  • Paragon Bank
  • BCI Europe
  • FTV Capital
  • BCI Finance
  • Blenheim Chalcot
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • Future Fifty.

Liberis has also been involved in super-beneficial partnerships. Liberis partnered with Worldpay U.S., Global Payments, EPOS Now, and Opayo. With more partnerships in progress, venture debt and fund equity funding might be the best solutions for SMEs.


Investing, venture debt and equity funding come with their own risk. As such, we at Fintech50 encourage you to do your research. We are not linked to Liberis, and will not be responsible for any action you take. Please, note that this article is for informational purposes. No part of it should be considered investment advice. 

If you intend to invest, consult with a financial expert. U.K. residents should familiarise themselves with the PS 20/10 crypto regulation laid down by the FCA.