Apiax Is Transforming Complex Financial Regulations Into Machine-Readable Rules

What is Apiax?

  • Founders: Nicolas Blanchard, Philip Schoch, Ralf Huber, Thomas Suter
  • Founded: 2017
  • Total funding: $8.1M 
  • Best suited for: Financial organizations, firms, and professional services.
  • Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland with additional offices in London & Lisbon

When it comes to a company that makes it its mission to enable individuals and organizations to remain constantly compliant in the fast-moving world of Fintech legislation, few come close to the standards set by Apiax. This company has dedicated itself to investment sustainability and has made massive progress in recent months. 

What is Apiax

As a result, Apiax enables a wide range of organizations to remain continuously compliant. Its unique weren’t just noticed by the Fintech50. Apiax was chosen based on its unique abilities to make it exceptionally straightforward for businesses, individuals, and companies to bridge the gap between compliance, business, and technology. Regardless of their size or industry.

For a year, Apiax has successfully been awarded a plethora of industry awards and nominations due to its unique ability to help businesses worldwide cut costs, ensure the correct level of industry compliance, and boost and accelerate sales figures.

Apiax Missions

To achieve this revolutionary overhaul of the global financial industry, Apiax defines its services into three primary missions:

  • They make strides to accelerate the growth of their client’s business to allow them to reach a range of new customers in more countries. All of which can be done faster than ever before.
  • By reducing overall compliance overheads through instantly available, targeted regulatory answers, Apiax allows its clients to decrease overall costs associated with being in line with numerous regulatory compliance. 
  • Forming clear, easy-to-follow lists of do’s and don’ts assists Apiax clients to avoid regulatory and reputational risks

Portfolio and Award

Amongst its broad portfolio of clients and partners keen to take advantage of the services offered by this innovative platform, Apiax classes major financial powerhouses amongst its portfolio. We’re talking about the likes of firms from Raiffeisen and Credit Suisse to Swisscom and Kendris.

Apiax Award

One of the most significant awards issued to Apiax came this summer. In June, they proudly accepted the elite award of the FSTI Proof-of-Concept grant given by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The FSTI Proof-of-Concept grant supports the experimentation, development, and dissemination of nascent technologies in the financial services sector.

What to Expect

Over the years, Apiax has shown the financial world that it is more than just all talk. It boasts a wide range of successful use cases ranging from cross-border distribution of funds to efficient investment sustainability checks.

For example, Apiax was faced with the persistent issue of distributing funds to international clients, becoming increasingly difficult in a continuously regulated environment for cross-border distribution of funds. To flawlessly solve this issue, Apiax provides realistic answers on regulatory issues surrounding the distribution and marketing of funds, mainly when the investors concerned are located across different countries.

Apiax cross-border distribution of funds

Surrounding the issue of efficient investment sustainability checks, Apiax promised its clients that it was able to offer suitable investments without compromising on the speed and quality of investment advice. Apiax promises to supply clients with instant answers to their inquiries to achieve this. Whether it’s global cross-border, investment product and tax requirements, or otherwise. By doing so, Apiax ensures that they can strengthen financial institutions to deliver tailored, compliant investment advice to the companies under their wing.


Overall, the Apiax mission is to provide a wide range of regulatory services to worldwide clients and allow them to overcome regulatory challenges, spot new business opportunities, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Amongst its diverse range of partners and clients, its a service widely used by international banks, wealth managers, and asset managers.