Blockfolio Cryptocurrency App Review

    Blockfolio cryptocurrency app

    Now you’re knee-deep in cryptocurrencies, you’re probably struggling to keep up-to-date with all your investments.

    What you need is a cryptocurrency management portfolio that enables you to keep track of your digital tokens plus monitor the market in case you have to make a quick move.

    Along with Delta, Blockfolio is the leading cryptocurrency management portfolio and can be used by traders and investors of all skill and experience levels.

    To offer you some guidance, we thought we’d throw together a Blockfolio cryptocurrency app review in which we shall cover:

    1. Blockfolio In a Nutshell
    2. Interface
    3. Price Tracker
    4. Holdings
    5. Customer Support
    6. Overall

    Blockfolio In a Nutshell

    Blockfolio is a mobile app that enables users to check-in on the day’s latest crypto activity from anywhere – even when you’re on the go.

    The tool is best suited for investors that have a diverse collection of digital tokens as you can store the data all from one centralised location.

    The app has some great features that can also assist users with your trading activities and decision making. More about that later.

    What is most appealing about the Blockfolio app is the user-interface is well-organised, easy to navigate and can be used by practically anyone.

    Managing large portfolios can often be unwieldy and confusing.

    Blockfolio removes that obstacle, and unlike many other mobile apps is not cluttered by mobile advertising (at least not at the time of writing).

    Another advantage the Blockfolio app has over most other cryptocurrency management portfolios is it has data of more than 800 digital currencies.

    The only other app that can match that to date is Delta.

    Advanced users that understand analysis charts will also be impressed by the array of tools and data available on the Blockfolio app. Tracking price trends of currencies and tapping into the latest news can all be carried out from your mobile handset.

    Not only that but for investors that maintain a complex and diversified portfolio, you can adjust the settings to help you manage your portfolio and calculate capital gains tax on cryptocurrency investments.

    Blockfolio User-Interface

    Blockfolio user interface

    The most important aspect of a mobile app is functionality.

    If the interface is not intuitive and easy to navigate, users not only get frustrated, but you risk making mistakes. Anybody with fat-finger syndrome knows it is surprisingly easy to tap on the wrong button when using mobile apps.

    Fortunately, the design team behind the Blockfolio cryptocurrency app nailed the design.

    It’s very easy to find your way around, and each screen is neatly organised to give users an at-a-glance overview. The charts are not overly complicated either if you know what you’re looking at.

    Furthermore, the home screen can be customised, so you only need to include data you want to get into quickly.

    You can view all the tokens in your portfolio, attach an order book to the homepage or go straight to detailed information on any coin you like in a matter of taps.

    There is also a total portfolio value button at the top of the screen which allows you to toggle between the percentage of cryptocurrencies you and how much they are worth in dollars.

    Although Blockfolio already supports more than 30 exchanges, users have the choice to add other exchanges that are not listed by default in the app. All you have to do is tap on the plus sign in the holdings page and add the exchange you want to deal with.

    Blockfolio Price Tracker

    One of the most powerful tools in the Blockfolio app is the price tracker.

    When you get into this screen, you know this a cryptocurrency portfolio manager you can’t live without if you have a diverse range of digital tokens on your books.

    And Blockfolio is specially designed for investors that have a varied portfolio and the price tracker is one of the tools that make managing your investments quick and simple.

    The tracker shows you when and where you purchased your coins together with their current value.

    Users also have the option to set up push notifications that deliver the latest price updates to your smartphone when the tokens reach a pre-determined level.

    Alerts can be a neat function. It will help you react quickly if you want to buy or sell a particular coin when it reaches your threshold.

    On the flipside, if you have a lot of coins you are receiving data for you can be inundated with alerts because of the volatility of the market.

    It all depends on whether you are investing short or long on a particular coin that you need to track. In other words, the alerts option is there if you need it.

    Blockfolio Holdings

    Blockfolio cryptocurrency app

    The holdings segment is where you log the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio so you can monitor your positions. It is essential to keep the data in this page up-to-date whenever you buy or sell digital tokens.

    It doesn’t take long to sync the holdings page with your cryptocurrencies, and once the coin is recorded, it tracks your gains and losses in summary at the top or alongside each entry.

    Needless to say, this is one of the most important files in the Blockfolio app.

    Another feature you will probably see a lot of are the candlestick charts and order book linked to each exchange.

    This makes it easier for investors to connect with the exchange and either add, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies. Blockfolio also records your most recent transactions.

    Blockfolio Customer Support

    Customer support services in the cryptocurrency space are notoriously dire.

    Blockfolio may not be the best customer support you will ever encounter but they are certainly not the worst.

    The Blockfolio support staff is active on Twitter and Google app store pages, and when you do get through they genuinely do their best to help.

    Customer satisfaction seems to be a focal point despite the being a free app.

    Blockfolio Overall

    Easy to use, real-time and the ability to keep track of a diverse range of cryptocurrency at a glance, make Blockfolio one of the best portfolio management tools on the market.

    So to wrap up this Blockfolio cryptocurrency app review the only thing left to say is: it’s awesome.

    If you still haven’t decided on a particular cryptocurrency portfolio app, read our review of Blockfolio vs Delta.