Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2022-2025


Short on time and want the juicy details of this Ethereum Classic price prediction? Experts and technical analysts are predicting that Ethereum Classic (ETC) could surge from its current price of between $28 and $30 to well over $100 per coin between now and 2025. Read on for our in-depth analysis and the best place to invest in ETC.

“We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.”

– Tyler Winkelvoss.

Breaking news about Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ethereum has revolutionized the world of cryptocurrency through its innovative blockchain technology. However, nothing is perfect. Following a brutal hack through a smart contract loophole in the Ethereum network, millions in crypto were stolen by cybercriminals.

In response, a hard fork took place which saw the formation of Ethereum Classic (ETC). Boasting many of the same uses and benefits of Ethereum, it also has a far lower entry price which makes it an ideal blockchain asset for new investors.

In 2021 alone, the price of Ethereum Classic skyrocketed from $7 to $134 which resulted in enormous gains for investors. Naturally, this has led to a surge in demand for an ETC price forecast that is as accurate as possible.

Whilst it’s impossible to tell the future, there is a range of tools we can use to get a pretty good idea of what could be in store for Ethereum Classic.

This article will break down the results of our findings using all of these tools in an attempt to provide you, the reader, with an Ethereum price prediction that is as accurate as possible. But first, let’s discover more about its backstory.

What is Ethereum Classic?

ethereum classic and ethereum coin

To get the full picture of Ethereum Classic (ETC), we need to return to its roots: The original Ethereum blockchain. The latter is an open-source public blockchain that was founded in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin and a team of crypto developers.

Ethereum provided users with the ability to build decentralized applications on the blockchain as well as make digital currency transactions using its native ETH cryptocurrency.

But in 2016, things turned sour between certain sections of the Ethereum community following a hack of the platform that led to more than $50 million worth of digital currency being stolen.

In response to the hack, there were increasing calls for the money to be returned to its rightful owners through a hard fork of the original Ethereum blockchain. Eventually, Ethereum Classic was formed to facilitate this and return the stolen money to its rightful original owners based on the blockchain records from before the hack.

Ethereum Classic’s main aim is to be seen as an attractive, and more affordable, alternative to Ethereum. Like the latter, it can also successfully run smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) without the interference and limitations of third parties.

Ethereum Classic also has its own cryptocurrency called ETC which is capped at 210 million coins. Reputation-wise, Ethereum holds the title as the more legitimate blockchain platform. But does Ethereum Classic have the ability to contend with it and surge in value in the near future? Read on to discover the answer!


  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) was formed from a hard fork of the original Ethereum blockchain following a devasting hack that saw over $50 million in digital currencies stolen.
  • It shares many of the same features of the Ethereum blockchain but has a far lower entry price which often makes it attractive for new investors.
  • Its native currency is called ETC and is listed on numerous major crypto exchanges around the world.

Pros and cons of Ethereum Classic (ETC)

As with any digital asset, Ethereum Classic blockchain has its fair share of promising benefits and limiting downsides. Let’s take a look at some of the common pros and cons associated with this hard fork cryptocurrency.

✔️ ETC has a far cheaper entry price than Ethereum.❌ It struggles to compete with the solid reputation of the original Ethereum blockchain.
✔️ Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency boasts full decentralization status.
✔️ It has the ability to support DApps and smart contracts.

Frequently asked questions

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Hard forks of major cryptocurrencies are often surrounded by very valid inquiries. In this section of our Ethereum Classic price prediction, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this fascinating digital currency.

Who accepts ETC?

ETC is accepted by a range of merchants and businesses worldwide. As well as web-hosting services and charities like Wikipedia, conventional brick-and-mortar businesses like shops and restaurants are increasingly accepting cryptocurrencies like ETC as a form of payment.

Can Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency be stolen?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) may have started as a response to a major crypto hack, but that doesn’t mean it is impenetrable. Anybody with access to private keys, log-in details, or other sensitive information can have the ability to steal your ETC. Responsibility for keeping your digital currency largely relies on your own personal security.

What algorithm does it use?

Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency utilizes the proof of work algorithm to validate transactions. This means that ETC miners are required to solve a hash function to enable validation.

Can ETC reach $100 per coin

Based on historical price data and recent surges in value, many experts and technical analysts alike have placed a lot of faith in ETC surging to over $100 per coin between now and 2025. Whilst nothing is guaranteed, the future is looking bright for Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency.

Technical analysis of Ethereum Classic price predictions

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To begin to get an insight into the future price of the Ethereum Classic network that is as accurate as possible, let’s start with a technical analysis of Ethereum Classic price predictions. From historical price data to trading patterns, we’ll draw upon a range of tools to get a year-by-year analysis of the ETC price.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2022-2023

In what has been a bearish few months for most cryptocurrencies, the native coin of the Ethereum Classic network is hovering between $28 and $30 at the start of 2022. By the middle of the year, the forecasted price is expected to be around $40 per coin. To finish off the year, it’s expected that ETC could hit a minimum price of $42. That’s a gain of 48% on the current price.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2023-2024

After potentially rolling into 2023 at $42, technical analysis tells us that the price of ETC could have a rocky start in 2023 as it sees a price drop to just under $39. It will then regain nearly $3 per coin and finish off the year at a 45% gain on the current price at $41.19.

Ethereum Classic price prediction 2024-2025

After a rough trading period and initial price drop in 2023, the following year is expected to be brighter for the price of ETC. It’s expected that it could see an Ethereum Classic price rise to $48.60 by the middle of 2024 before ending the year and entering 2025 at a price of $55.89. That’s an increase of almost 100% on the Ethereum Classic price today.

Price history of Ethereum Classic

ethereum classic price history

The price of Ethereum Classic has been a wild ride since it was formed in 2016. But one of the most impressive took place last year when it underwent a bullish trend on the crypto market.

Ethereum Classic price started at a mere $7.4 at the beginning of the year. By February, it more than doubled in price then it surged to over $16. But compared to what was coming, this was nothing.

By April, the price of ETC had risen to $38. The price dropped as early investors sought to cash out their profits. But for those that did, it was a mistake as the best price changes were just around the corner. The price skyrocketed to $134 per coin on the crypto market by early May.

This enormous price surge caused the biggest sell-off yet and the price fall gradually dipped to $36 per coin by June. However, this enormous dip was yet another chance for new investors to get on board.

By August, the price was hovering just below $75 per coin. But this was the last high of the year and the price fall arrived as winter came. ETC ended 2021 at $28.53. But is this dip in the Ethereum Classic price today the perfect time to get on board? let’s hear the expert opinions.

Expert opinions on the Ethereum Classic price prediction

Whilst technical analysis is looking good, the origins of Ethereum Classic have made it a significant discussion topic for crypto experts worldwide. Many of them have released exceptionally informative Ethereum Classic price prediction videos and blogs that can give us a good idea of what the future may hold for this hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain.

The Art of Marketing Blog

The Art of Marketing Blog is rapidly increasing in popularity amongst crypto investors, and for good reason. It regularly releases price forecast videos that are extremely informative. A recent Ethereum Classic price prediction came to the conclusion that ETC could hit an average price of at least $100 per coin within the next few years.


The up-and-coming crypto price prediction channel Finpact recently released an Ethereum Classic price prediction that focused on the current dip and price history. In the long term, they predicted that ETC has the potential to reach an Ethereum classic price equal to between $100 and $1,000 per coin.

Crypto Never Sleeps Ethereum Classic price prediction

Crypto never sleeps, and neither does this channel. It recently released an in-depth Ethereum Classic price prediction forecast that dived into a wide range of topics to obtain a forecast. Overall, it assessed that ETC has the potential to hit well over $100 per coin between now and 2025.


etherum classic coin with chart on the background

Overall, this Ethereum Classic price prediction shows that it has come a long way since it formed from a fork of the Ethereum blockchain. Its price has seen phenomenal growth recently, making it a promising potential investment that can support decentralized applications.

Although ETC is struggling to compete with the reputation of the original Ethereum blockchain, the technical analysis and expert opinions alike both combine to predict a largely bright future ahead for this unique crypto asset.

The recent price history, low entry barrier, and innovative nature of Ethereum Classic have led to a surge in investor interest. But for many newcomers, knowing where to buy it efficiently and safely is often easier said than done. That’s where we come in.

Where to buy Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

ethereum coins

Founded in 2016, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has a few years of development under its belt compared to many other cryptocurrencies. As a result, it has successfully seen itself added to some of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, such exchanges can provide a major learning curve for beginner investors. In response, many crypto experts advise new traders to utilize a high-performance brokerage like eToro.

The latter type of brokerage provides an abundance of trading tools, training, and an easy-to-use trading environment to allow new investors to find their feet and get the most out of their trading journey.

From stop loss tools to demo practice accounts, brokerages like eToro are an ideal environment to start to buy and sell Ethereum Classic. It is also home to an abundance of other crypto assets allowing you to truly diversify your crypto portfolio.

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Although the future price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) looks positive, this Ethereum Classic price prediction is for informational purposes only, not financial advice or investment advice. ETC and other digital currencies have potential rewards and cryptocurrency market risks. Despite the positive outlook, the predicted price analysis of Ethereum Classic (ETC) on the crypto market is not guaranteed to be a profitable investment option as a bearish trend is just as likely as a bullish trend when it comes to the price of ETC or its market cap. Anyone wishing to invest should do their own research and seek independent financial advice for a classic current market status and price prognosis.