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All things considered, it does not look like the cryptocurrency market is all just hype. A lot of the experts are saying that cryptocurrency is here to stay. In fact, they maintain that crypto is the future! Given how bullish everyone is on crypto coins nowadays, it’s only fair that we look at the altcoins with the largest potential for upside. With that in mind, we scoured the internet for some of the most undervalued coins that have yet to reach their peak—AAVE is one of them. This article compiles the most extensive AAVE price prediction 2030 by some of the best experts for your perusal! TL;DR: To the moon!

If you try to look up an AAVE price forecast online, you’ll get bombarded with unnecessary information—most of which likely won’t give you a straight-up AAVE price prediction. Well, you’re in luck! We do things a little differently here.

Read on to know what the experts’ latest AAVE price predictions are.

AAVE Price Prediction 2022, 2025

How much will AAVE be this year?

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is very bullish on the AAVE token. In his latest AAVE price prediction 2022 video, he said he expects the price of the AAVE token is about to melt brains—which gives you all the indication you need that he expects the price of the coin to pop in the future!

He mentioned that AAVE has one big advantage over most other cryptocurrencies with institutional investors: it has a medium-sized market capitalisation, which means that it has plenty of room to grow. Coin Bureau said that many believe the market cap of AAVE should reach roughly $25 billion in the future, which would be equivalent to the total value of its liquidity protocol. This means that AAVE’s price prediction could be more than $1,000.

Crypto Never Sleeps

Crypto Never Sleeps details several AAVE price predictions in his latest video about the coin on Youtube. These are some of the forecasts he mentioned:

Digitalcoin: AAVE average trading price could reach a high of $439.60 by 2025

Gov Capital: AAVE could hit a maximum price of a whopping $5,470.00 by 2025

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction: AAVE price forecast is a strong spike up to $3,055 by 2025

Crypto Never Sleeps himself, however, feels that the current price of AAVE today is very attractive. It is undervalued, given the potential for AAVE within the DeFi space in the future.

Wolf Lopez

Wolf Lopez made an update video for his near term AAVE price prediction. He expects that within the next four months, the average price of AAVE could stagnate and even dip. He does follow this up with a very bullish end-of-the-year forecast, however. Wolf Lopez thinks AAVE could hit a new all-time high this year.

AAVE Price Prediction 2030

What is the AAVE average forecast price for the long-term?

Altcoin Radar

Altcoin Radar thinks AAVE could easily reach a market capitalisation of $15 billion in the long term. He expects the average price of AAVE to hit $1,000 at some point in time in more than five years or so.


In InvestAnswers’ latest AAVE price analysis, he averaged up all the expert’s forecasts for the coin within the next couple of years. Based on his computations, the average forecast price for 2030 is $6,924.

Now that we know where the price of AAVE could go in the future, it’s time to familiarise ourselves with what the AAVE platform is currently doing to achieve those bullish price predictions. Here are some of the latest market-moving news and updates about the AAVE cryptocurrency.

Latest and Hottest News Updates

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ETH and AAVE See A Spike in Smart Contracts Usage

According to the tracking service, WhaleStats, Ethereum, AAVE, and even YFI have faced a strong increase in smart contracts usage—reaching up to 100% usage growth. They said the increase is most likely tied to increased volatility on DeFi-related networks.


Aavegotchi, the characters loaded with AAVE’s interest-bearing tokens, is poised to morph into a play-to-earn game in March—The Gotchiverse. Aavegotchi is essentially NFTs that work like our childhood Tamagotchis. They function like digital piggy banks. Owners of Aavegotchi have to care for them so that they grow and don’t decay. However, in the new Gotchiverse, these characters evolve and can move around, meet other players, gather AAVE tokens, create things, and even participate in battles. Sounds exciting!

AAVE Launches Social Media Platform

AAVE announced the launch of Lens Protocol, a decentralised social media platform, as it expands its operations and explores new opportunities. On Lens Protocol, users can create NFT-based profiles, which will have a history of posts and comments and other content that a user generates. The users will effectively own their data on Lens while other applications can plug into the open social graph.

AAVE Launches Permissioned Platform

AAVE also recently launched a permissioned version of the protocol aimed at institutions. The Aave Arc platform will leverage Fireblocks as the first whitelister. The platform’s endgame is to help bridge traditional financial institutions with DeFi.

Are you curious how all the news, project launches, and usage statistics come into play for the AAVE ecosystem? Let’s talk more about AAVE and how it functions through these FAQs!

FAQs in AAVE Price Prediction

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How Does AAVE Work?

By definition, AAVE is an open-source DeFi protocol, and It provides loans using a system without going to a bank or an actual centralised intermediary. Through AAVE, users can borrow or lend cryptocurrency through a trustless network that utilises smart contracts to execute the loans. There are no middlemen. This is opposed to the traditional financial system where a loan would have to be approved by some financial intermediary such as banks.

What is The AAVE Token?

AAVE tokens are the native coins of the AAVE network. AAVE is both a governance token and an exchange token that can offer users discounts on fees within the AAVE protocol.

Unlike Bitcoins, which are mined using a highly complex and resource-intensive proof-of-work process, AAVE tokens are based on the ERC-20 standard.

AAVE Technical Analysis

Historical Price

The AAVE coin was priced at $53.2 in its ICO. It hit a peak of $632.27 in May of 2021 before slowly declining in the following months. Its highest price for 2022 so far is $267.05.

Current Price

The price of AAVE as of writing is $119.65. It has a circulating supply of 13.63 million AAVE and a total supply of 16 million. It is worth $1.63 billion in market capitalisation.


AAVE is formin a descending wedge, which means that there could be more price declines in the near term. However, one big breakout could see the price of AAVE testing the resistance levels at $169, $194, and $213.

Where Can You Buy AAVE?

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The top 4 sites listed online as the best platforms to buy AAVE are eToro, Binance, Coinbase, and Webull. eToro, by far, looks like the best among the rest given that it is regulated, safe, and very easy to use. It also has a mobile app that makes it very convenient for users to monitor their investments on the go.

Disclaimer in our AAVE Price Prediction

This AAVE price prediction article is not investment advice. We are not making any buy or sell recommendations. Do not conduct your trades based solely on the information provided in this article. Your extensive research and market analysis should back up your investment decisions.