NEO Price Prediction Forecast 2022-2025


For those short on time, let us summarize this NEO price prediction to keep it short: many experts and analysts have produced a combined opinion that NEO could surge from its current price dip to $200 and beyond! When it comes to investing in it, said experts recommend a beginner-friendly and secure brokerage like eToro.

“Blockchain is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.”

– Bob Greifeld, Nasdaq Chief Executive.

NEO coin news

It’s no secret that Ethereum dominates the market when it comes to smart contracts and blockchain cryptocurrencies. However, recent price surges have presented a difficult entry barrier for new investors. In response, many people are seeking out more affordable alternatives with similar benefits.

Introducing the NEO network. This Chinese-made blockchain network not only offers some of the most popular benefits of Ethereum, such as smart contracts and smart economy capabilities, but it also provides users with a wide range of other benefits too.

Most importantly, its entry price is currently very low. Providing a great chance for new investors to get involved. In 2021 alone, NEO outperformed many major cryptos when its price surged from a minimum price of $23 to $122 per coin.

Naturally, this led to a lot of interest from potential new investors and increased demand for an accurate NEO price prediction that gives an insightful prediction of the average price of NEO in the next few years.

In this NEO price forecast article, we aim to provide both. We will draw upon a range of data, tools, and insights in order to provide you with a NEO price prediction to see what this blockchain investment could achieve in the next few years. But firstly, let’s delve into the backstory of NEO and what it does!

What is NEO?

neo coin in the vault

NEO can trace its roots back to 2014 when it was founded by Da Hongfe and Erik Zahn. It’s a Chinese-made software network that serves as a platform where anyone can transact and create decentralized products and services.

Originally released as AntShares, it underwent a rebranding and took on the name NEO in 2017, which was easier to market. Since then, it focused on being regulatory-compliant both in China and abroad.

On the crypto market, NEO is often viewed as the Chinese version of Ethereum. This is due to the various similar aspects that both networks share. The main one is the ability to write decentralized applications.

On the NEO platform, users have the ability to make transactions and create decentralized products and services, just like with Ethereum.

In contrast with the original blockchain asset, NEO users are treated to a wide range of tools and features such as a decentralized file storage solution, increased transaction speed, and an oracle system for feeding external information to it. This has led to a huge growth of the NEO community.

Alongside its incredible blockchain features, the NEO platform has two native currencies called NEO and GAS. Both of these play different vital roles in the NEO ecosystem.

Firstly, the NEO token is used for on-platform transactions as well as voting on changes to the blockchain protocol. The amount of NEO held by a user can determine their voting power over the operation of the platform. GAS, on the other hand, is used to pay for computation services on the network.


  • NEO is a Chinese-made blockchain platform originally founded in 2014.
  • It provides users with the ability to create decentralized products and services on the blockchain.
  • The native NEO token is used to pay for on-platform fees and services as well as voting rights on the governance of the platform.

Pros and cons of NEO

Whilst NEO is often viewed as a more upgraded version of Ethereum, few things come without their downsides. In this section of our NEO price forecast, we will assess the benefits and the alleged negatives of the NEO platform.

✔️ NEO is one of the most well-established cryptocurrencies and is listed on major exchanges around the world.❌ Difficult to contend with the likes of Ethereum, especially with China’s recent cryptocurrency ban.
✔️ Boasts significant utility with a range of computer programming languages.
✔️ Owning the NEO token gives users voting rights on the platform.

NEO price history

neo price chart history

Since its foundation, NEO has undergone a pretty wild price history. One which has made many savvy investors a significant return on investment. But in recent years, one of its most impressive price journeys was in 2021.

For example, NEO began the year at a minimum price of $23 and largely stagnated for the month of January. But by mid-February, the price rise had more than doubled to a new NEO value of over $54. This caused a slight dip to $35, but this price fall was in anticipation of the incoming significant rise in price.

By mid-April, the price of NEO skyrocketed to $118 per coin. After an investor sell-off, the price dipped to $79. But this was the perfect chance for those who sold their position to buy back in as the price surged even higher to $122 during a bullish trend in early May.

However, this wasn’t sustainable and the price gradually fell. In July, it hit a low of $25. But for those who believed in NEO’s price and seized their chance to buy in at this position, the rewards were fruitful. By September, the price gradually increased, and before long NEO’s price had surged once again to $65.

After its phenomenal performance in 2021, the price of NEO began to dip towards the end of the year along with many other major cryptocurrencies. By December, NEO’s price drop saw it hit its lowest yet at $17.

But is this dip the perfect chance for new investors to buy in preparation for the next incoming price surge and is NEO a good investment? Let’s delve deeper into this NEO price prediction to find out the answer. Next up is technical analysis!

NEO Technical analysis

neo coin and chart on the background

Technical analysis is one of the best tools we can use to gain an insightful NEO coin price forecast. In this section of our NEO price prediction, we’ll draw upon the likes of trading indicators, historical price data, and more to gain an insight that is as accurate as possible.

NEO price prediction 2022-2023

After NEO’s phenomenal performance in 2021, the performance of the Chinese alternative to Ethereum is expected to take a slower pace in 2022. By the middle of the year, it’s thought that the price of NEO coin could rise from its current price of around $17 to $28 per coin. It’s then thought that it will end the second half of the year at a slightly lower average price of $27. On the current price of NEO today, that’s an increase of 55%.

NEO price prediction 2023-2024

Rolling into 2023 at a future price of around $27, technical analysis shows that NEO’s price could drop to $23 before gaining $1 and finishing off at an average price of around $24. Based on the NEO price today, that’s still a profit increase of 39%.

NEO price prediction 2024-2025

After a price dip the previous year, 2024 is expected to be more positive for the price of NEO coin based on technical analysis. By the middle of the year, it’s believed that it could hit an average price of around $27. It’s then expected to make further gains and reach a future price of over $31 by the time it enters 2025. In a positive trend, that’s an increase of 76% on the NEO price today.

Expert NEO price predictions

Any cryptocurrency with the reputation of being a more affordable, and potentially more improved, version of Ethereum is naturally going to grab a lot of attention. NEO is no exception. It’s a popular discussion topic amongst crypto experts around the world. Now, let’s look at some of the NEO price predictions released by some well-established crypto analysts from around the world.

Price forecasts from Crypto Never Sleeps

The first expert analysis comes from Crypto Never Sleeps. In a recent NEO price prediction, they drew upon a range of technical analyses and expert insights. In summary to their NEO predictions? It looks like it could potentially surpass a NEO price equal to $200 with ease in the next few years.

The Art of Marketing Blog

The Art of Marketing Blog is a well-established Youtube channel that has boomed in popularity amongst crypto investors because it regularly releases in-depth crypto price forecast videos. In recent NEO price predictions, The Art of Marketing Blog came to the conclusion that the price of NEO could hit an average price of at least $200 per coin in a bullish trend within the next few years.

The Right Trader

The Right Trader has amassed tens of thousands of followers in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why based on its incredible crypto price forecast videos. In a recent NEO price prediction forecast, they predicted that it could have the potential to reach an average price that is anywhere between $200 and $500 per coin in a bullish trend between now and 2025.

Conclusion to this NEO cryptocurrency price prediction

neo coin

In summary, the NEO platform is a well-established digital asset that boasts many of the same benefits as Ethereum with a hearty mixture of benefits offered to users at the same time.

But is NEO a good investment? Whilst it’s impossible to predict the future, in 2021 alone, the minimum price of NEO tokens skyrocketed to its highest price and made a serious return on investment for traders who bought in at the right time.

Within the next few years, many crypto experts view NEO cryptocurrency as a highly undervalued token that could potentially surge past its former all-time highs, making it a possibly good investment.

Around the world, there are naturally countless people seeking the best way to invest in this innovative blockchain asset. As we round off our NEO price prediction, we’ll let you in on some of the most crucial pieces of advice when it comes to buying and selling NEO.

How to buy NEO coin

neo logo in a digital chip

NEO is one of the most well-established altcoins on the cryptocurrency market today. Naturally, it has been listed for sale on some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide to cater to the countless people looking to trade NEO coins.

But for beginners, the crypto exchange can often present a major learning curve, so many crypto experts advise new traders to take advantage of a high-performance brokerage like eToro instead.

This is because brokerages like eToro provide users with a huge range of trading tools, training, and an easy-to-use trading environment to allow new investors to find their feet and get the most out of their trading journey.

Overall, eToro is an ideal environment to start to buy and sell NEO thanks to its wide variety of trading tools that can range from stop-loss tools to demo practice accounts. It is also home to an abundance of other crypto assets allowing you to truly diversify your crypto portfolio.

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Risk warning

Whilst this NEO prediction shows that this altcoin certainly looks to have a bright future ahead, nothing is guaranteed and a risk warning is always needed. This NEO coin price forecast is not investment advice. Although many expect this Chinese Ethereum to be a positive digital cash system investment, new investors should always seek out advice from a licensed financial advisor and do their own research prior to investing as various factors affect the price of digital assets on the cryptocurrency market. The price of NEO cryptocurrency, like other digital currencies on the crypto market, can be inherently volatile and is not guaranteed to be a good investment as a price drop is always a possibility. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.