The Insider Pattern Trader Review – Legit or Scam?


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From testing out the platform to investigating celebrity rumors, we carefully analyzed Pattern Trader to compile a cutting-edge review. We found this a wholly legitimate platform that can be an excellent tool for new and experienced investors alike. To find out how we reached this conclusion, read on!

From becoming the official currency of countries like El Salvador to surging in value by over 540,000% in the space of ten years, the future of Bitcoin is in Motion, and its clear that cryptocurrency is here to stay as a mainstream asset of daily life.

As a result, the number of people investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing daily. But where there are newcomers, there is often an abundance of scams waiting to take advantage of their inexperience.

That’s where we come in. We make it our mission to review trading platforms, brokerages, and apps to ensure they meet the high standards of being a reputable crypto tool. Our goal? To make sure you can easily find the best trading aids without being scammed.

One platform has been surrounded by increased chatter amongst crypto enthusiasts in recent months: Pattern Trader. But is it a legitimate platform or a plain old scam? We delved deep to find the answer.

How Does Pattern Trader Work?

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So first, how does Pattern Trader work? It’s straightforward to explain. This platform has been around for a few years and has formed a broad portfolio of partnerships with some of the leading brokerages and trading platforms on the market.

All of its partner platforms are hand-picked based on their level of trustworthiness, adherence to regulations, and ease of use. Where Pattern Trader comes in is kind of as a middleman.

The Pattern Trader app uses an advanced algorithm to assess each client based on their trading experience, investment aims, and more. Then, they pair them with a trusted brokerage that is right for them.

By doing so, Pattern Trader can save its users countless hours of searching for the right broker while simultaneously avoiding scams. On top of all of this, it’s completely free to sign up for!

Overall, a Pattern Trader account gives you access to a beginner-friendly trading environment that can potentially overhaul how you trade cryptocurrencies. But what else is on offer?

Pattern Trader Key Features

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The primary function of the Pattern Trader website is to connect its users with the best brokerages and trading platforms around. But if you think that’s the only feature, you’d be pleasantly mistaken. A few of its other bonus features stood out to us when we used the platform.

  • The first of the Pattern Trader pros is its registration process. Overall, this is very straightforward. When combined with the very low minimum deposit of $250, it offers an excellent entry barrier to crypto trading and allows you to begin trading sooner rather than later.
  • The Pattern Trader website offers a demo account feature for new investors. This is a great way to find your feet and practice using investment styles, trading robots, and broker tools before you begin trading for real with a live trading account.
  • Reliable customer service and a dedicated account manager help you along every step of your cryptocurrency trading journey.
  • It might have Bitcoin in the name, but BTC is far from the only cryptocurrency available. Pattern Trader’s partner brokers offer a wide range of other cryptos to invest in too.
  • The brokerages offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies that Pattern Trader has partnered with.

Is Pattern Trader Legit or a Scam?

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It’s good to have a level of skepticism when it comes to platforms within the crypto space. After all, there are a lot of scam platforms out there. So is Pattern Trader legit orMotionm?

After field-testing the platform and conducting in-depth external research, we concluded that Pattern Trader is legit. This is based on several reasons.

Firstly, while scam platforms are often jam-packed with tacky promises of getting rich quickly, seemingly overnight with claimed success rate promises, using Pattern Trader is the opposite. The site features a wide range of disclaimers to users that outline the risks involved in crypto trading to be as transparent as possible.

Secondly, Pattern Trader is free to use. Still, the platform also offers a free demo account that allows its clients to get to grips with cryptocurrency trading risk-free as they don’t have to put their initial deposit at stake when finding their feet.

How to Trade with the Pattern Trader Software

The signup process is often tedious with many platforms similar to Pattern Trader. Thankfully, we’re happy to report that Pattern Trader is quite the opposite. It only took us a matter of minutes to get signed up and start trading.

Signup for a new Pattern Trader account

The first step is to sign up for Pattern Trader. This involves a generic signup process where you need to give the platform some basic personal details. Then, you wait for your account to be approved.

Make the initial Pattern Trader minimum deposit

To buy crypto, you need to make an initial investment of at least $250. There is no limit to your initial investment. Naturally, the more you invest, the more you stand to make in return potentially.

Start cryptocurrency trading

Now, you can start trading! There’s a vast range of cryptocurrencies on offer here so that you can create a diversified portfolio in next to no time. You can also make use of a demo account to practice on first.

So far, we’ve covered how this platform can overhaul your trading journey with an array of features and a flawless signup process on top of it all. But what about crypto itself? Is it even worth investing in?

Does Cryptocurrency Have a Future?

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Crypto only came along in 2009. So it’s still a relatively new concept to the world of finance. But few investment options in history have provided the same opportunities that crypto has, and not just because it surged by 540,000% in the space of a few years.

Many people compare the current phase of crypto to being like the early days of the internet or Apple. Imagine buying a position in those back in the 1990s? While nothing is guaranteed, cryptocurrency could have an equally bright future ahead indeed.

Every day, blockchain and decentralized finance become an increasingly prominent part of mainstream day-to-day life. We’re living in an age of Bitcoin ATMs, cryptocurrencies being adopted as a national currency, and an increasing number of daily transactions.

Moreover, as the world becomes increasingly volatile with the sad reality of war, pandemic, and economic uncertainty becoming more common, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are increasingly viewed as a safe haven.

Crypto looks like it’s here to stay. Whether you believe in it and get on board while you still can is up to you. With the overall crypto market in a current dip, many financial experts say there has never been a better time to invest.


Do you still have questions about Pattern Trader? Fear not. You’re not alone! This section will answer some of the most important questions frequently asked about the platform and how it works.

Is Pattern Trader a Crypto Trading Platform?

No, Pattern Trader is not a crypto trading platform. The Pattern Trader system is far more advanced than that. It connects its users with other trading platforms on the crypto market.

Is Pattern Trader an Auto Trading Platform?

No, Pattern Trader is not an auto trading platform. However, the trading platforms and brokerages it is partnered with often offer auto trading features alongside the likes of trading bot tools.

What is Pattern Trader’s Customer Support Like?

We were impressed with the Pattern Trader customer support overall. We found their customer support, whether the dedicated account manager or the general customer support, to be a great aid when trading cryptocurrencies on the actual market whether you’re a new or experienced trader.

Is The Pattern Trader Official Website Legal?

A platform offering such an upper hand in crypto trading often summons up an important question: Is it legal? Both Pattern Trader and its partner brokers are legal and well-regulated. However, crypto restrictions can vary from country to country, so it’s essential to do your own research before investing.

Have Celebrities Endorsed the Pattern Trader Platform?

No, no known celebrities have claimed to have used the Pattern Trader platform. A common tactic amongst scam platforms is to claim celebrities who are known to have invested in crypto, such as Mike Tyson or Elon Musk, to have used their platform to do so. Thankfully, Pattern Trader makes no such claims.

Pattern Trader Claims to be Free, is it?

Pattern Trader claims to be free, and this is true. The platform believes its range of tools should be available to everyone. As a result, they don’t charge Pattern Trader fees to use their platform. Yet another bonus feature that adds to the legitimacy of this platform. 

Is the Pattern Trader App an Automated Crypto Trading Robot?

No, the Pattern Trader system is not an automated trading platform, nor is there a Pattern Trader robot. An automated trading bot is used to capture trading signals faster based on the pre-defined trading preferences of investors. However, many regulated brokers and platforms Pattern Trader works with may offer automated trading robots.

Is a Trading Robot Suitable for Newcomers to Crypto Trading?

If you ask most crypto experts, they’ll probably advise against using a trading robot if you’re a beginner investor. However, thanks to a demo account offered by Pattern Trader, you can get to grips with trading robot technology risk-free before using them in a live trading session.

Is There a Pattern Trader Mobile App?

Trading is an increasingly mobile world, with many people keen to stay up to speed with their investments in crypto assets wherever they are. Thankfully, Pattern Trader is available on both Android and iOS operating systems, so you can rely on both desktop and mobile devices to use Pattern Trader.

Pattern Trader Summary: Is it a Legit Tool in 2022?

To sum up this Pattern Trader review, We carefully analyzed Pattern Trader to compile a cutting-edge review and found this to be a wholly legitimate platform, thanks to the numerous well-regulated and trustworthy platforms it can connect you to.

It’s easy to use, accessible and offers access to a wide range of trading tools to use on the crypto market, such as a demo account. It also boasts a low minimum deposit. Overall, this makes Pattern Trader an excellent option for new and experienced crypto traders alike to take advantage of. 

But overall, this is merely our opinion. We’re not associated with the Pattern Trader platform in any way. We aim to keep you informed of the array of trading tools out there. It’s worth doing your research into any platform before investing through it. And speaking of which, let’s round off with a disclaimer.

Disclaimer and High-Risk Investment Warning

This Pattern Trader trading review is only an opinion from a trader’s angle. None of this Pattern Trader review content should be considered investment advice. We are only interested in providing information for readers, and we do not receive advertising fees from Pattern Trader or any other platform.

Cryptocurrency trading is highly volatile, Bitcoin trading can involve significant risk, and trading bots do not guarantee profitable trades. Before investing money in a live trading session, you should consider various options, risk appetite, market trends, and experience. Your invested capital is always at risk.

Investor Notice: Crypto CFD trading is currently banned in the UK following the PS 20/10 regulation. Familiarise yourself with the crypto laws in your country before trading. Only invest money you can afford to lose with a Pattern Trader account.