Ian Dawson – Managing Director at Perennial Malta

Ian Dawson

Blockchain can change the facet of the game for businesses. It can up the game or even kill the game.

For a business to introduce, consultation is needed to measure the good, the bad and the changes that a business will face once the blockchain continues to grow and hit maximum height.

From Smart Contracts to ICOs and Cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is starting to shape advanced technologies which may help a business, however, what about the industries that are going to bring disruption?

Ian Dawson, Managing Director at Perennial Malta explains below how the blockchain is going to bring disruption in different industries especially the medical cannabis industry.

“……..right now blockchain is obviously, the big buzzword but it is genuine fantastic revolutionary technology”

With Malta being a huge portal for blockchain growth due to the efforts and legislation set upon by the government, many companies are looking for consultants such as EuroMed Capital to guide them through the impending change.

The three legislations confirmed from the parliament are the VFA, ITAS, and MDIA. These legislations helps the government to regulate this technology while breaking out.

The major verticals in blockchain currently are ICO’s and gaming. ICO’s will eventually help the growth of cryptocurrencies and give investors a new way to invest in new businesses.

With medical cannabis being legitimized by the parliament earlier this year, Malta is being seen as an opportunity to get the license to operate in the field. Hence, giving companies a sea of opportunities with the economy of Malta profiting.

However, how can blockchain help this industry?

Due to the distributed ledger technology, it can be used to track and trace the product. From the first part of the seed to where is the finished product.

In fact, we are seeing companies looking to invest in Malta due to giving a license for both medical cannabis and blockchain.

“Right now the current problem, is like any industry, is raising money….and to hire the right trained staff for the project.”

Due to the blockchain being a new technology, there isn’t a lot of resources to be able to grow in this sector. In fact, the market is currently though for what can be seen as fantastic technology.

With local expertise growing, consultants like Euromed are looking to international staff to complete projects and outsourcing legal compliance. However, with the Universtiy of Malta introducing new blockchain and DLT courses and the industry growing, one can assume that as years go by, there will be a local talent too.

Malta is also attracting a lot of businesses in exchanges, ZBX being one of them. ZBX is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange registered in Malta and has intensive experience in traditional financial service, IT and Cryptocurrency sectors.

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