Dr Christian Ellul From E&S Group

After gaining experience in the international legal area, Christian Ellul has worked as a tax advisor for a Big 4 Audit firm in Malta as well as reputable local Corporate Service provider. In 2009, together with Karl Schranz, Christian opened E&S Consultancy

His competences include Malta direct and indirect taxation, international tax structuring, Taxation of Tokens, Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, trusts, corporate and company law and related legal advice.

With the development of blockchain-based platforms’ regulations, Malta has become the number one place for ICOs and virtual currencies that are looking into setting up their offices on this Mediterranean Island. This naturally presented an excellent opportunity to open up the business for more opportunities.

However, unlike the majority of companies out there, the E&S Group has decided to tokenise its services and prove that if they can do it themselves, they will be able to do it for their clients.

BiteMyCoin invited Dr Christian Ellul for a short discussion on how complicated was the process and whether they are happy with the results.

Tokenizing Law Services

E&S Group has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space and participated in over 20 Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) by overseeing their launch from the legal perspective.

The company will launch its token – ESTS – as a proof-of-work that will be based on the public Ethereum blockchain

The director Christian Ellul said:

“Here at E&S, we have been involved in the blockchain and crypto world for over a year now. We are happy to learn that the Maltese authorities are supporting this by setting up the Malta Digital Innovation Authority. The intention is to present Malta as a hub to promote this technology which is very feasible, especially with the introduction of the required legislation to smooth the way forward.”

More About E&S Group

E&S is a boutique multi-disciplinary firm based in Malta that provides Corporate, Tax and Domiciliation Services to an international client base. The company strives to offer a superior service to our clients to establish and maintain a long-lasting, reliable and professional relationship with them.

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