There over 1,000 cryptocurrencies on the market and the number keeps on growing every day. Find out what are the unique features of some of the most significant crypto-coins, where can you buy them and how are they different to Bitcoin.

The mother of all cryptocurrencies and the most valued coin on the market.

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Also known as the ‘World Computer’ that allows a smart contract’s programming.

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Cryptocurrencies Litecoin

Famously described as silver to the Bitcoin gold and created by a former Google employee – Charlie Lee.

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The most successful Bitcoin altcoin that offers 8MB blocks and peer-to-peer electronic cash.

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Cryptocurrencies Ripple

The first cryptocurrency designed for instant and free global money transfers.

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A former ICO created on a blockchain without blocks for the IoT micropayments.

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Cryptocurrencies Monero

The most anonymous and private cryptocurrency which transactions cannot be traced.

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How To Invest In Cryptocurrency Other Than Bitcoin

New to the cryptocurrency world, without knowing where to start from? Or maybe you have already started investing but don’t understand the market? This e-book will not only show you how to invest in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, but it will also help you understand the technology behind it.

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