WeedMD’s Breakthrough in Blockchain Technology

WeedMD was found in 2014 in Ontario Canada. The company produces medical cannabis and is licensed by Health Canada for production and being in line with Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

The Ontario based company has a team of professionals in medical care to provide clients and other health institutions resources and guidance to adapt the best treatment plan needed.

In 2018 WeedMD partnered with Blockstrain to provide better quality products to the consumers.

With the medical cannabis products in compliance with the ACMPR and tested to ensure the safety and consistency of the products makes the company one of the best suppliers of the world.

Cannabis Strains

Medical Cannabis, Blockchain, and Quality Assurance

Two of the most growing emerging industries in the world, not just in Canada, Medical Cannabis and Blockchain. WeedMD found a way to synchronize the two to improve their products quality assurance.

With medical cannabis being one of the most advanced medicines to treat a host of conditions and diseases, it needs to be checked to be sure of its quality.

Cannabis has Cannabis strains which are the extracts of the plant to be implanted in the medicine.

WeedMD struck a deal with Blockchain technology company, Blockstrain to expedite WeedMD’s Cannabis strains.

There are different types of Cannabis Strains which this partnership with Blockstrain can help WeedMD to make sure the right type of strain is being implemented.

This is done by registering the strains in the blockchain database which will enable WeedMD to have information about the medical cannabis strains to decide on the quality of the products.

About Blockstrain

Blockstrain is a platform to track, license and archive genetics of the medical cannabis plants to assure quality. This made Blockstrain the first company to provide blockchain services to the medical cannabis products providers.

The platform is integrated with high-end testing facilities in Canada to ensure the quality of results. This platform is the first in the blockchain – medical cannabis industry.

With the medical cannabis market predicted to be hitting the $57 Billion mark by 2027, Blockstrain saw this as an industry with fraught opportunities.

The Canada based company’s objectives always were and will stay to be to address the core issues of the medical cannabis sector and provide solutions to the clients and partners such as WeedMD.

Conclusion: Do Cannabis and Blockchain create the right equation?

One must ask, are Cannabis and Blockchain the perfect synergy? With blockchain being an emerging industry and a “Child” compared with the cannabis industry, although yet to reach its peak, it’s hard to decide yet.

The pro is that in the long term they could improve the quality of the industries and also create new frontiers for investments by companies to create growth.

The con is that both industries will be subject to high regulations from the government which can limit the growth in different countries.

The Medical Cannabis World Forum 2018 will be discussing Technology advancements and Medical Cannabis legislation to help industries in the sectors develop.


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