The Future of Medical Cannabis in Europe

With the Medical Cannabis World Forum 2018 approaching, we will give you why it is important to keep the relative stakeholders in the loop of what is happening and what could happen in Europe in relation to both medical cannabis and the technology that may be used to upkeep the subject.

The history of Medical Cannabis goes back to the 19th Century, where it was introduced to the western medicine market. Since that time there was a measurable advancement thanks to technological advancements of technology, blockchain being one of them.

Medical Cannabis in Europe

It is predicted that the European cannabis market will grow to 115.7bn euros by 2028 with Malta joining in to legalize medical cannabis and could be the new frontier of opportunity for medical cannabis companies as the Prime minister stated that the country wants to be the market leaders.

The legalization of Medical Cannabis is happening around Europe due to an increase of public pressure in it to happen. The culture and mantra of medical cannabis are changing due to perspectives that it’s therapeutics can heal the human body from many serious conditions.

The extensive research that is constantly happening around the continent shows credible statistics that it can be the next step to treat Alzheimer disease, Cancer and mental health conditions like PTSD.

What may be holding back the Medical Cannabis to grow more could be the lack of education and information accessible to certain sectors of the public that are a sceptic that cannabis can be actually medical. Accredible information and education are increasing to be given to the public about what symptoms can be treated, the effects of different cannabinoids, dosages and how to apply for the medicine.

Technological Advancements in Europe

It’s no secret that the Medical Cannabis Industry is benefiting from the constant increase of technological advancements down the years. Technologies such as advanced websites with search engines for consumers to find the nearest supplier to buy medical cannabis through prescription is rated highly as it makes life easier for the consumer.

Blockchain also is another advancement achieved down the years which will help audit companies, medical researchers and authorities to control the legality of medical marijuana.

Conclusion: The future of Medical Cannabis

So what does Medical Cannabis offer to technology and the economy or vice versa? An increase in consumer spending will give countries a healthier economy and a healthier population. The legalization of medical cannabis will also give technology companies an incentive to improve and take opportunities to innovate new technologies in this market which will lead to new ideas to benefit the population of the country.

Technological advancement and a healthier economy will eventually help the medical cannabis industry as more money can be invested in the education and information of the medical cannabis provided to the public around the continent. Not to mention the fact that better Medical Cannabis will help doctors and the medical industry to improve in healing their patients and the overall health care of the country and continent together.

The legalization of Medical Cannabis is increasing and is an opportunity to any European Country is considering to take due to its benefits both, health wise and economic wise.


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