10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2018 (And Where To Buy Them)

There’s a lot of furore around digital currencies right now.

Ever since the value of Bitcoin rallied last year, there has been a lot of talk about the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018.

Mainstream media, on the other hand, have centred their attention around the legitimacy and legality of digital currencies. Digital tokens are getting some bad press.

Governments and banks don’t like blockchain technology because it removes the control they have on the financial system.

It also eliminates fraud and tax evasion, so international corporations don’t like it either. But the goal of the cryptocurrency community is to establish a peer-to-peer system that creates a stable economic system and promotes strong social values.

Despite the slander tactics employed by politicians and mainstream media, there are three key reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies:

  1. Increase your net-worth and protect your savings against the inevitable collapse of fiat currencies
  2. Support the social and economic vision of cryptocurrencies
  3. Establish a reliable economic system that is fair to everybody

Investing in cryptocurrencies does involve risk. There are so many digital tokens available, and it seems like new ICOs are entering the market on a daily basis.

Knowing which coins to invest in is a difficult choice, and any of these coins could be shut down on the whim of legislators.

Furthermore, there is a lot of disinformation about the prospects of digital coins. Companies pay media outlets to promote their coins and harbour trust in the public.

People will buy coins promoted in mainstream newspapers and cryptocurrency websites. The faith and belief will strengthen in that coin for a while, but there is no guarantee you have invested in the right currency.

The reality is that a handful of blockchains will survive – and quite possibly the laws placed on the cryptocurrency firms by governments.

As an investor, it is important to gauge which coins are likely to last the distance, which will have a good run and which tokens should be avoided.

As a rule of thumb, look for companies that have a clear and transparent technical vision and social values that are supported by an enthusiastic community.

Avoid coins that promote a sketchy professional outlook and focus on ways to get rich rather than providing users with a social advantage.

Now you have some background on what to look for in a cryptocurrency, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of suggesting.

The following are already creating a stir – but for a good reason.

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In 2018

Cryptocurrencies to invest in

Ark (ARK)

Ark provides some advantages for businesses and consumers. Capable of making blockchains in as little as 8-seconds, ARK is one of the fastest technologies around – which is a crucial feature for cryptocurrencies.

But the advantage ARK has over other speedy competitors is the capacity to connect with other blockchains outside the system.

The premise of ARK is to allow vendor fields and encoded listener nodes to search relevant data outside the boundaries of their system. This could prove to be a fundamental technology in developing an eco-system as it gives traders and buyers more flexibility to communicate with one another.

Why invest in ARK? The technology strengthens the cryptocurrency ecosystem and makes it more flexible for users.

Where to buy ARK:  Binance (recommended), Bittrex

Best wallets to store Ark: Ark wallet, Ledger Nano S (recommended)

Decred (DCR)

The ultimate goal for cryptocurrencies is to create a “decentralised currency” which is not owned by a single controlling power, i.e. bank, corporation or government.

This is the intention of most cryptocurrency miners at least. However, some of the original Bitcoin developers got greedy and wanted to take control so invested heavily in expensive mining equipment that could solve blockchains quickly.

Other developers that had taken an early interest retaliated by launching Decred, a coin that is billed as a currency by the people for the people.

It shares all the attributes of the original Bitcoin but has superior technology and a better business model.

Why invest in Decred? DCR gives users the same amount of influence and brings the values of the cryptocurrency community to the surface. The philosophy and the technology are likely to help DCR rise to the surface of cryptocurrencies.

Where to buy Decred: Binance  (recommended), Poloniex

Best wallets to store Decred:  Ledger Nano S

Digibyte (DGB)

Technology is key to the success of cryptocurrencies, and Digitbyte certainly has a run on its competitors in the technical department.

DGB uses multiple algorithms, three of which are ASIC resistant meaning they cannot be monopolised by large companies with mining equipment. As a result, DGB owners can make money on their investment by contributing PC power to the blockchain.

Digibyte not only improves decentralisation but is substantially quicker than most other tokens. The algorithms can create blocks in 15 seconds and confirm transactions in 1.5 minutes. Perhaps not fast enough for transactions in a shop, but far more practical than Bitcoin for example.

Why invest in Digibyte? Superior technology that speeds up transactions and will revolutionise copyright and patents.

Where to buy Digibyte: Binance (recommended), Bittrex, ShapeShift, Poloniex

Best wallets to store Digibyte: Windows, Mac, Andriod, Linux Digibyte wallet

Ethereum (ETH)


Ethereum is already considered to be one of the cryptocurrencies that are likely to last.

The advantage for users in the Ether blockchain is the concept of smart contracts – digital agreements that enable people to trade with anonymity and without any single point of failure.

The Ethereum blockchain has already established itself as a reliable and trustworthy network. Furthermore, it cuts out middlemen like Google, Apple and Amazon that monopolise digital transactions, and eliminates unwanted bank charges when purchasing goods or sending money overseas.

Why invest in Ethereum? ETH is not only innovative, transparent and flexible but enables consumers and businesses to bypass corporations that have too much control over consumerism.

Where to buy ETH: eToro (recommended), BitPanda, Bitstamp, Binance

Best wallets to store ETH: Ledger Nano S, Trezor


With the Internet of Things (IoT) promising to grow exponentially in the next few years, IOTA tokens provide a solution for sharing resources out of necessity.

What sets IOTA apart from its competitors is that it isn’t a blockchain, but uses Tangle technology which is described as the ‘next-generation blockchain.’

Essentially, IOTA adds a new layer of business-to-business communication and offers real-time transactions with no additional fees. This allows trades of precise amounts to change hands on-demand over a self-regulating network that is monitored by a peer-to-peer ledger.

Why invest in IOTA? The tangle architecture provides developers with tools they can use with applications in both the web and incoming IoT initiatives. Businesses will be able to grow by sharing resources without incurring unnecessary and expensive costs.

Where to buy IOTA: Binance (recommended), Bitfinex

Best wallets to store IOTA: IOTA light wallet, GUI wallet


Smart contracts are seen as the future of fair trade. They promote trust between the parties which is endorsed by the entire blockchain.

Overseas transactions do not incur additional transaction fees. Inspired by Ethereum, NEO is China’s answer to smart contracts and is a strong candidate to establish itself among the pre-eminent blockchains.

NEO is stationed in the “public cloud” and is open for developers to build an ecosystem within the platform that will be able to communicate and execute transactions across other blockchains.

This gives NEO the flexibility to diversify cryptocurrencies and offer users the convenience to purchase anything with whatever digital tokens they possess.

Why invest in NEO? Like ARK, NEO strengthens the blockchain eco-system while providing flexibility and convenience to users.

Where to buy NEO: Binance

Best wallets to store NEO:Ledger Nano S


PIVX stands for Private Instant Verified Transactions. And there it is. Everything you want in a digital transaction written on the box. The blockchain protocol for PIVX allows fast, secure and private transaction to take place. The company also has a strong team in place with experience in the cryptocurrency space.

You see, PIVX is an offshoot of DASH – which was in the top ten – but uses superior technology to achieve near-instant transaction confirmations in less than a second. This is a feature other cryptocurrencies crave, yet only a mere few can deliver.

Not just that, but PIVX provides stakeholders with earning potential by allowing them to stake their holdings in a specially formulated wallet.

Why invest in PVX? PIVX fundamentally underpins the vision, mission and ideal of the Mother Coin, but improves on the functionality by incorporating improved technology

Where to buy PIVX: Binance (recommended), Bittrex

Best wallets to store PIVX: Ledger Nano S

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple the best investment of 2018

At the time of writing, Ripple XRP looks the most likely cryptocurrency to succeed. The venture-backed start-up already has offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Luxembourg and Sydney, and their third-generation blockchain technology is being beta-tested by over 80 banks.

That alone should be enough to encourage investors to back ripple in 2018. If the banks vote against the tokens and the price falls, you always have the option to pull out. However, the bank will only lose 30% of their transfers fees with XRP.

With other currencies, they will lose 100%, so banks have an incentive to opt for Ripple.

The other advantage of XRP is the real-time transactions enable it to act as a buffer for fiat money transfers. Essentially, the technology behind XRP is better equipped to function in the real world. The only technology that is arguably better is IOTA’s Tangle technology, but that is mostly unproven at the moment.

Ripple may not be everybody’s preferred choice of crypto because it still favours the banks. But that’s why XRP is a substantial investment for 2018, especially after announcing a partnership with MoneyGram.

Why invest in Ripple? XRP boasts the most superior blockchain technology and is backed by a strong team of technicians and marketers that know how to convince decision-makers in the world of finance.

Where to buy Ripple: BitPanda (recommended), Binance, Bitfinex

Best wallets to store Ripple: Ledger Nano S

TokenCard (TKM)

It seems inevitable that digital coins will be the currency of the future, but how will shoppers be able to apply bitcoin or altcoins for everyday use?

TokenCard provides solutions other cryptocurrencies haven’t adequately addressed yet. TKM has a different wallet and uses smart contract technology that will enable users to buy a cup of coffee directly from the smartphone or debit card.

TokenCard will set up a global network of point-of-sales registers and ATM’s (probably built into existing ATM’s if the banks allow it).

All users will have to do is swipe their TokenCard or mobile wallet to create transactions and ATM withdrawals – which are transferred to and from your digital wallet, so you are not storing all your cash on your phone.

The long-term plan is for users to download a “Token App” to their mobile phone which allows you to spend ERC20 tokens (smart contracts) and set spending limits, so you don’t go over your budget. Not only do you have more control over your spending, the Token App automatically freezes if you lose your phone or TokenCard.

Why invest in TokenCard? TKM provides a convenient solution and a better user experience than other digital currencies. It also has tighter personal controls and advanced security measures.

Where to buy TokenCard: Liqui, LiveCoin, HitBTC

Best wallets to store TokenCard: Ledger Nano S, TREZOR

Vertcoin (VTC)

Vertcoin epitomises everything blockchain, and cryptocurrencies encompass. The tokens are quite rightly marketed as “the people’s coin” on the principle that the system is designed by a community of developers and not owned by a company. Anyone can mine VTC and make a profit.

The developers involved in the Vertcoin project want to ensure fair distribution so do not have an ICO, premine or airdrop.

Nobody has reigned over the mining of VTC, therefore, powerful rigs cannot be built to outpower the general public. The entire project is funded by donations and operated by a team of volunteers that handle the programming, cryptography, building, mining, branding and marketing of the project.

Why invest in Vertcoin? Vertcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is set up in the way blockchain is alleged to be. VTC indeed is a crypto-coin made by the people, for the people.

Where to buy Vertcoin: Poloniex, Bittrex

Best wallets to store Vertcoin: Ledger Nano S, TREZOR


Since Bitcoin Futures were floated on the “regulated” stock market for professional traders to dabble with, together with governments attacking traders and banning exchanges, the cost of cryptocurrencies has fallen over the last month.

However, this dip in form will not last. Cryptocurrencies will recover so the drop in prices is good news for investors.

Choosing a coin or three now could make you a tidy profit – if you want the right one. We are pretty confident the ten best cryptocurrencies to invest in listed above have an enormous potential.

For a comparison to the previous year, visit our article of the best altcoins of 2017 – all of them are surging in price already, but they are still an affordable investment.