Sandbox Coin Price Prediction Forecast 2022-2025


Sandbox has dominated the decentralized gaming niche and secured multiple successful partnerships. In 2021 alone, it surged to over 24,000% in value. Between now and 2025, the Sandbox price prediction is bullish and many expect it could potentially reach an all-time high of up to $74 per token in the future.

“Games give you a chance to excel, and if you’re playing in good company you don’t even mind if you lose because you had the enjoyment of the company during the course of the game.”

― Gary Gygax

In the past decades, gaming has reached heights many of us never thought was possible. But with the introduction of blockchain into the gaming sector, its technological progress has only surged even further. Nowhere is this demonstrated more than with the Sandbox (SAND) gaming community.

Sandbox is by no means the only decentralized gaming world available, but it is one of the fastest-growing. We’re talking about a cutting-edge gaming world that allows users to play on their own terms in an entirely decentralized environment. But more importantly, users can also earn an income from it.

Naturally, such a creation has attracted serious attention from the global gaming community made up of billions of people. Sandbox didn’t struggle to find adequate investors. As a result, its price has surged to new highs again and again. Many expect it hasn’t even reached its full potential yet.

But as with any promising crypto project, there is a lot of questions from prospective investors. Most importantly: How much will Sandbox be worth in the future and whether it’s worth investing in. If you’re one of these people, then you’re in the right place.

This Sandbox price prediction intends to provide the most accurate insight into the potential of Sandbox and its native SAND token in the next few years. Whilst it’s impossible to accurately predict a future price, we will draw upon a range of tools and insights to try and get the most informative picture possible.

What is Sandbox (SAND)?

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Traditionally, the gaming market is made up of video games owned by platforms or corporations. Content that is then generated by users of the game is owned by said platform or corporation meaning limited rights for in-game creators. Sandbox was created by the Pixowl company and is aiming to disrupt the status quo.

Sandbox can trace its roots back to 2012 when it launched a popular mobile game that has racked up tens of millions of downloads. In 2018, they ventured into the blockchain sphere by creating the 3D multiplayer platform that offers users a min-blowing virtual planet to create, own, and earn an income from their gaming experience.

Charateristicly decentralized, Sandbox brings revolutionary aspects to the gaming industry by giving users complete ownership over what they create within the Sandbox metaverse. The latter is a virtual world that lets gamers and creators design in-world assets that can then be shared or sold on at will for a reward.

Many would assume that a level of coding knowledge is required to design and create things within the Sandbox metaverse, but it really isn’t. This is thanks due its unique array of powerful in-game tools that allows users to create potentially valuable assets in-game regardless of their prior design experience.

And of course, like any good crypto project, Sandbox comes with its own native token called SAND. This can be used across the Sandbox metaverse for in-game transactions and interactions such as buying virtual land and customizing avatars. To earn SAND tokens, users can participate in competitions, play various games in the ecosystem, or simply buy them on crypto exchanges and brokerages.

The SAND utility token runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has a capped total supply of 3 billion with a market cap of over $6 billion. As well as in-game interactions, it can also be used for governance of the platform. SAND holders have the ability to take part in a decentralized voting system on critical changes to the platform.

Despite only coming along in 2018, Sandbox has developed an impressive portfolio of mainstream gaming partners ranging from Smurfs and Shaun the Sheep to Atari and Final Fantasy creators Square Enix. Partnerships like this have caused the value of SAND to surge over the years.

Sandbox Summary:

  • Sandbox is a gaming ecosystem that allows users to design and build in-game creations and recieve rewards in turn.
  • It can be used by beginners to advanced gamers thanks to its easy-to-use range of powerful in-game tools.
  • The native SAND token is used for in-game transactions, platform governance and interacting with other users. It has been listed on major crypto exchanges and is amongst the top 35 cryptocurrencies on earth.

Pros and Cons of Sandbox

We like to keep things as honest as possible here at BMC. So when it comes to the good sides and bad sides of a crypto project, we are unbiased. Like any cryptocurrency, SAND has its pros and cons. For the sake of transparency, let’s take a look at them:

✔️ The entire idea is inherently unique and original to the crypto space.❌ It’s still niche and Sandbox is currently only of interest to gamers and developers.
✔️ Perfect for game designers who want to practice and earn income in a decentralized world.
✔️ Users have the ability to generate income through NFTs and in-game objects.

Sandbox Price Prediction | FAQ

Such an innovative project like Sandbox and its native SAND coin naturally brings up a lot of questions from inquisitive investors. In this section of the Sandbox price forecast, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this decentralized gaming world.

Can SAND Reach $1,000 per Token?

In recent months, SAND token has seen increases of over 24,000%. As a result of it holding a niche corner of the dectrnalized gaming sector and building a wealth of successful partnerships with mainstream gaming companies, many believe it is very possible for SAND to reach $1,000 sometime in the future.

Who Is Behind Sandbox?

Sandbox was created by a team of experienced and dedicated developers at Pixowl. The latter is an international and dynamic company that centres on world-building style games that are player-centric.

What Is SAND Token Used for?

Like many non fungible tokens, the SAND token has a wide variety of usage. Firstly, it can be used for on-platform governance as holders have the ability to vote in important decisions on changes to the platform. Secondly, it can be used to interact and make transactions within the Sndbox ecosystem.

Where Can You Get Sand Tokens?

SAND tokens can be earned in-game by completing various competitions or tasks. They are also available to buy on major crypto exchanges. However, for beginners, one of the most straight-forward and secure ways to obtain them is via a trusted cryptocurrency broker like eToro.

SAND Price History

the sandbox price chart

With a four-year history and a lot of positive updates throughout its past performance, the price history of Sandbox and its native SAND token is a wild ride. One only needs to take a look at its performance in 2021 alone to get an idea of the potential held by this incredibly innovative gaming asset.

Sandbox cryptocurrency began 2021 at $0.041 per token. For the majority of the year, the price of SAND was slightly in a bear market. By March, the price had risen to $0.84. By June, the price had dropped to $0.20 as a result of a sell-off by many investors raking in their profits.

By August, the price had risen to $0.97 per token, which was a tempting figure for many earlier investors to sell off at. However, future results would show that the real reward was incoming for those who held on just a little bit longer. In November, the price of SAND toke surged to a mind-blowing all-time high.

The price skyrocketed to $3.21 which resulted in phenomenal gains for early investors. After a price fall to $2.29, it skyrocketed even further and reached an incredible figure of $8.40 per SAND token. Naturally, this resulted in a sell-off and the price dropped to $4.79 in mid-December.

But a Christmas present was in store for investors who bought in at the latest dip. On Boxing Day, the price had surged again to $6.76 per token. After another subsequent price drop, the price dropped to $4.63. Is this a good time to invest in preparation for another potential price surge?

Let’s see what the Sandbox technical analysis can tell us about its ability to be a potentially good investment at its current price.

Sandbox Price Prediction | Technical Analysis

After beginning 2021 at around $0.04 and surging to over $8.50, the SAND token underwent a price increase of over 24,000%. Those who invested early enough were rewarded substantially for their foresight as trading volume increased and had a significant impact on the price of the Sandbox.

Sandbox cryptocurrency also demonstrated that there was no such thing as getting on board too late. In December alone, the price surged by over 1,000% in value. Showing Sandbox’s ability to be a serious player in the decentralized gaming sphere and the cryptocurrency sector as a whole.

Bitcoin saw a price correction recently. But whilst many other cryptocurrencies saw a pegged drop in value as a result, SAND token did not. Now, technical analysis expects that it could rise to challenge its prior all time high of $8.50 and go on to test resistance levels and reach new highs not seen before. But do the experts agree?

Expert Opinions on the Sandbox Price Prediction

It’s no secret that the gaming community has a heavily active online community. Sandbox is no exception. Thankfully, this has resulted in a number of insightful SAND token price predictions being released by world-renowned crypto experts. Let’s see what some of them have to say when it comes to the SAND coin price prediction.

Crypto Never Sleeps Sandbox Price Prediction

The fast-moving cryptocurrency channel Crypto Never Sleeps recently released a Sandbox price forecast that was very bullish. They drew upon a range of expert opinions to get an insightful look into the potential future price of SAND token. By the year 2025, they predicted that SAND has the potential to reach an average price that is anywhere between $30 and $74 per token.

The Art of Marketing

Another popular Youtube channel with a heavy focus on cryptocurrency is the Art of Marketing channel. In a recent Sandbox price prediction, they drew upon a range of expert opinions and on average, it looked as though SAND token could hit a minimum average price of $25 per token in the future. If it does, it would be a bright future indeed.

The Sandbox Price Prediction from Crypto Yard

The well-respected cryptocurrency Youtube channel called Crypto Yard has released a SAND prediction that draws upon some of the biggest names in the crypto sphere to reach an accurate average price prediction forecast. By 2025, they believe it has the potential to reach between $150 to $300 per token. A significant increase from the Sandbox price today.

Sandbox Price Prediction | Conclusion

In summary, the gaming industry is one of the few industries that is rather untapped when it comes to blockchain technology. But Sandbox is certainly pioneering the realm of decentralized gaming. It has certainly found a valuable niche for itself and has been rewarded with significant price surges in recent months.

Overall, the Sandbox ecosystem is a refreshing combination of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and NFTs that allows gamers to experience newfound freedom in an incredible online world that can be rewarding for those who stake their SAND tokens or get creative with their in-game innovations.

In addition, Sandbox has successfully secured a range of high-profile partnerships ranging from Atari to Square Enix. If it keeps expanding its portfolio and gaining mainstream gaming acceptance, we could see its price surge past its recent all-time highs.

All of this combined has formed a positive expert and technical outlook for the future price of SAND. Whilst nothing can be guaranteed, if the Sandbox coin continues to pioneer its way into the decentralized gaming sphere, the future could be very bright indeed.

Where to Buy Sandbox (SAND)

sandbox viewed by a man in his phone sandbox price prediction

Although there is an abundance of keen gamers seeking to buy SAND, the world of decentralized gaming is still a rather niche phenomenon. So the question of where to actually buy the native token of Sandbox crops up often. Although it’s listed on major crypto exchanges, one of the best options for a beginner is a trusted brokerage like eToro.

With the likes of eToro, new investors don’t have to worry about the rather in-depth technical knowledge needed to navigate an exchange successfully. Instead, it provides a range of simple trading tools to allow users to get the most out of their trading journey.

SAND token was recently added to eToro’s fast-growing list of cryptocurrencies, meaning you can invest with ease as well as diversify your crypto portfolio in the process with everything from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Litecoin.


This Sandbox (SAND) price prediction is for informational purposes only and is not financial or investment advice. Sandbox and other digital currencies on the cryptocurrency market have potential rewards and cryptocurrency market risks. Despite the positive outlook, the predicted price analysis of SAND on the crypto market and is not guaranteed to be a profitable investment option as a bearish trend and price fall is just as likely as it is to be a good investment when it comes to the current price of SAND and its market cap. Anyone wishing to invest should do their own research and seek independent financial advice.