How Can Blockchain Help the Flow of Data Concerning Medical Cannabis Use

When you strike down Medical Cannabis and Blockchain in two different boxes, you may realize that the two subjects sit in two different worlds. However, if you put them in the same box, you will realize that together they may form an important relationship to create a secure flow of data to help in the legality and research of the use of medical cannabis.

The synergy between the two can also be seen how Holland has been ahead of the curve by legalizing medical cannabis decades ago and has also been one of the early adopters of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies too.

The Relation between Medical Cannabis and Blockchain

While blockchain can be used to create a link between one end and the other for cryptocurrencies, it can be also used to create a link between the user of medical cannabis and the supplier. For example, if pharmacy A has sold medical cannabis to person A, the blockchain will create a record online.

Since the link will be transparent, it gives an opportunity to the authorities to study and investigate that medical cannabis is being bought for the right use and stocktaking purposes. It also gives an opportunity for audit companies to create the right strategy to audit medical cannabis suppliers so the right tax is being held by the government and paid by the suppliers.

The links will also help grow the medical research as blockchain uses a hash to determine and keep track of links to give a platform to medical research to monitor and create true statistics about the effect of the medical cannabis its having upon a country healthcare.

The Medical Cannabis World Forum 2018

With Malta being an opportunity for many blockchain companies to operate in coupled with the latest legislature about medical cannabis being approved by the cabinet, the Medical Cannabis World Forum 2018 will be staged in the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, Malta on the 20th and 21st of November 2018. During this forum, reputable and esteemed speakers from different technological and auditing sectors will be speaking about how the technology may be used and aid in the use of medical cannabis.


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