How Blockchain Can Change the Landscape of Social Media

Blockchain topic has come up in a lot of people minds lately due to it being an emerging technology. In fact, you can find in a hardcopy 2018 dictionary.

This fame is due to the technology being secure, reliable and transparent which makes it a solid technology for companies to use to track transactions and use it as a platform.

But while people are talking about it as a technology that is going to disrupt the financial sector, rarely we hear someone talk about the effects blockchain can have on social media.

Social media doesn’t need any introduction as the population of users is increasing in all age sectors, young and old.

Different Social Medias

Social Media Problems

Social Media Platforms has a lot of uses nowadays, it can be used by companies to advertise, Ex. Facebook, it can be used for professionals to grow their network, Ex. LinkedIn and it can be used to post images, Ex. Instagram.

And every use faces the same problems. Problems that can result in data theft, or cyber attacks.

On Social Media, users have no control whatsoever on their data. Once a user registers with the social media platform, the data is in the hand of the social media platform which can be used for their own profit.

The user’s personal data also becomes under threat to attacks if the social media platform is breached or hacked.

Most of these problems occur due to the fact that the platforms are centralized. Remember, Blockchain is Decentralised.

How can Blockchain solve these problems

With the blockchain being a network that provides transparency, control, and security to the user we give you an idea of how the user can benefit.

Transparency – Due to its nature, blockchain offers transparency to social media users. Platforms can’t tamper with the social media data as the blockchain kicks them out.

Control – Due to blockchain being decentralized, users will have control of the data on the platforms. A user can see who sees the post and also if the user deletes it, the platform can’t keep any duplicates.

Relevancy – With blockchain in social media, the user can decide what to be shown around the social media platform. No more advertisements that you don’t care about.

Blockchain Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which existed long before blockchain can still adapt to it. The question however is will they accept the change?

Facebook is looking to enter the blockchain industry with opening a blockchain department, after blocking cryptocurrencies payments on the platform.

However, if these platforms decide to not embrace the change, there is still blockchain based social media platforms which are already making a hit.

Indorse, in fact, is one of them. Indorse is a professional social network such as LinkedIn. In Indorse you invite people to endorse your professional skills. Get that? Indorse-Endorse!


Practically, in this article, we gave you a brief idea of how blockchain can revitalize once and forever social media. With social media being a big part of our everyday life, it’s important to be in the loop with the changes as days go on.

One still need to see if Social Media Platforms will embrace the change, however, one may ask, do they have a choice? With users looking at the benefits of the blockchain social media platforms, users may opt to use new blockchain platforms.

For example, Indorse could take over LinkedIn.

Whatever happens, this is exciting times to the social media users as if the current popular non-blockchain social media platforms take the step forward, it means a better experience.

On the other hand, if not, the Users will definitely have other options.


Remi studied computer science which is always looking for an improved solution to society's demands, and cryptocurrency happens to be one of them. He joined the BiteMyCoin team in March 2018 and since has become engulfed in this new technology that can break the oligopoly of financial institutions.