An Overview of Top Medical Cannabis Suppliers

For the industry to grow, just like any other industry, it needs players. In this article, we will be having a look at the some of the top players in the Medical Cannabis Industry which will also be speaking on the experience of the industry during the Medical Cannabis World Forum 2018.

Medical Cannabis


Aphria is a global leader of medical cannabis products such as capsules, oral solutions, syringes and. Aphria takes pride in their work for being 100% green in the products to make the products safe and consistent while they offer a top-notch patient care.

Aphria signed an agreement together with Rapid Dose Technologies to increase the oral solutions product range. This agreement gives Aphria the right and licenses to use Rapid Dose Technologies to begin production of oral thin strips at Canada in 2019. Also, Aphria is one of the companies that help the video surveillance business to grow in North America as video surveillance is needed for 24 hours in their premises and greenhouses to control the growth of the medical cannabis and obviously, fight any misuse such as theft.

Aphria purchased Nuuevera in 2018 to increase the innovation in the mind of the company as Nuuvera describes that “This is next generation thinking, Cannabis 2.0”.

Olli Brands Inc

Olli Brands is another esteemed cannabis supplier and producer. The company produce and will be offering Teas. Edibles and Additives to the consumers after recreational cannabis is legal. The mission of the company is to be the trusted leader in the infused goods industry. The company is another that is based in Canada, this showcase the country as one of the best in the medical cannabis industry.

Olli Brands could be one of the companies interested in how Blockchain and other technologies can help the company to grow in the medical cannabis industry. The use of blockchain can help the company to keep track of stock through the hashes of blockchain data.

What to expect during the Medical Cannabis World Forum 2018

As during the forum these companies will explain how strategies were planned and implemented, the public will be interested to hear about the investment and growth of the industry in the Maltese Countries. The speakers will also be giving their views about strategies used to be in line with the law, as suppliers in Malta will have to do.


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