NBA Star Stephen Curry Is The First CryptoKitty Celebrity

Remember the first blockchain-based game that took the community by storm and drove Ethereum prices up at the end of 2017?

Yes, CryptoKitties.

While not much has been heard about the game for the last few months, this is about to change as the NBA Star, Stephen Curry is the first CryptoKitty Celebrity.

Curry will be the first celebrity launching his CryptoKitty that will later be auctioned for, as we can imagine, quite a large sum of money. Some of the Kitties in the past were sold for more than $200,000.

The partnership, which was struck through AppMoji — Curry’s emoji app development company — will see the Golden State Warriors point guard release a series of three exclusive CryptoKitties created after his personality and appearance:

“Stephen is the perfect partner to try out this new kind of Kitty. He’s an incredible athlete, but also has a deep interest in technology and innovation.”

– Mack Flavelle, Co-founder of CryptoKitties

The first CryptoKitty has been released for auction on the 7th of May by Curry himself which will be the first celebrity collectable based on the blockchain, as Caty Tedman, Head of CryptoKitty Partnerships explained:

“We are launching a series of Steph Curry CryptoKitties, so there will be three exclusive Steph Curry CryptoKitties [which] will be representative of his personalities. The first will be sold by him, and it’ll be up to him whether he wants to sell the other two.”

How To Get Stephen Curry CryptoKitty?

celebrity CryptoKitties

All three of the Kitties will focus on different aspects of the athlete’s personality.

The first “CurryKitty” — named “Steph Fur Three” – is a representation of the sports personality and the Kitty is dressed in an NBA jersey. The second one – called “Chef Furry” – focuses on Curry’s culinary passion, and the third Kitty – “#30 Furry” – sends a motivational message:

“Hi! I’m #30 Furry! Remember: if you don’t fall, how are you going to know what getting up is like? Love never fails to help you and those around you to reach new heights. And if the game is keeping you down, change the game.”

The game operates on the Ethereum public blockchain as a decentralised application (DApp), and the cats are structured as ERC-721 tokens, which are non-fungible and built to represent unique assets.

To play the game, you have to buy Ethereum tokens first and open a new account with CryptoKitties.

Visit our detailed guide to CryptoKitties where the process is explained in detail.

CryptoKitty is the first decentralised application that gathers over 1,000 users daily unlike most apps which barely get 100 users daily.

While Stephen Curry is the first CryptoKitty celebrity, there’s already a plan to involve more public figures and create blockchain collectables.