Prosense Will Launch Blockchain Virtual Reality Platform

On the recent Blockchain Solutions Forum in Barcelona, a global leader in broadcasting sports, cultural content and business events in virtual reality announced that will launch a blockchain virtual reality platform.

The company will launch an ICO on November 3 to support the development of ProsenseLive – the world’s first decentralised peer-to-peer live streaming platform for sharing virtual reality content.

About Prosense

Prosense launches new blockchain virtual reality services is a well-established broadcaster that was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2015. Even though the company is a little over two years old, it has already won more than fifty projects with global brands including Google, Ikea, Coca-Cola and Samsung.

One of the unique features of Prosense is the ability to provide an entire range of VR broadcasting services: bespoke filming equipment, innovative software for maintaining and producing high-quality content, an extensive list of distribution channels and the Prosense application for VR devices.

Live virtual reality content is on the rise, with a prediction to reach $75 billion by 2021, and Prosense is striving to meet that demand before it gets out of control:

Prosense new ICO Prosense Live“Live events is one of the most popular applications of VR technology, and the market is expected to exceed $75 billion by 2021 and grow to $4.1 billion by 2025. However, currently, there is a lack of adequate infrastructure to accommodate the massive file transfers that need to happen to deliver an excellent end-user experience to audiences at scale. Our new platform, ProsenseLive, will provide content creators with a more affordable and scalable distribution solution.”


The company specialises in broadcasting various content with the use of virtual reality technology, and they are currently looking into launching a new service – ProsenseLive.

With the introduction of ProsenseLive, the company aspires to transform broadcast technology from a traditional centralised stack to a decentralised, global P2P model.

This shift would not be possible without the use of blockchain technology and coordinating its protocol with economic incentives. The innovative model will allow both professional and amateur producers of VR live content to move into a more affordable and scalable solution. On the top of that, ProsenseLive will be more resilient to failure and less affected by a censored content.

The blockchain based platform will enable the streaming scope to grow in alignment with the demand. Users’ computers will interact with each other and connect to form a node, thus allowing computers to upload and download VR content from one another.

Following that process, nodes in the network will earn Prosense Tokens – VRP – for contributing to the entire process. Nodes will transcode, encrypt and distribute the VR content through the system and comply with the security protocol.

Prosense ICO

To fund their new platform launch, Prosense will launch an ICO sale – ICOBox will handle the upcoming campaign. As one of the leaders on the ICO market, ICOBox provides fixed-price SaaS ICO solutions and is one of the biggest Blockchain Growth Promoters for companies looking into developing their product via an ICO crowdsale.

With the use of a VRP token as a secure, internal currency will be used by viewers to pay providers directly for the live virtual reality content. And as an incentive for participation, a percentage of each transaction will go to node owners.
As a part of an ICO, Prosense will release 720,000,000 tokens at a base price of $0.10 each.

How To Buy ProsenseLive VRP Token

The only official website where you can purchase the ProsenseLive VRP token is and there are no plans in the future to launch it on any other platforms.

To invest in ProsenseLive, follow these steps:

#1 Go to the ProsenseLive official website.

#2 Click ‘Buy Tokens’.

Buy Prosense VRT token

#3 Create an account (Sign Up) or sign into an already existing account.

Create a ProsenseLive account

#4 The minimum contribution amount is $20,000. If you wish to invest less, you can deposit a designated amount which will be converted into VRP tokens after November 16 with a 10% discount.

Invest in ProsenseLive tokens

#5 You can deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, ZCash and USD.

Make a depsit for a Prosense token
#6 After making a deposit, you can buy VRP tokens and with a specific amount. The transaction may take up to one hour, so don’t be scared if you don’t see them on your account straight away.

Buy VRP tokens
#7 Afterwards, the tokens will be stored on the PresenseLive wallet – currently, there are no further plans of being able to save VRP tokens on any other wallet.


Prosense will launch blockchain virtual reality platform – ProsenseLive – on November 3. You can already invest in the ICO, but the minimum amount is $20,000, any amount of less than that will be processed after the third stage on November 16.