Malta Blockchain Summit 2018

The Malta Blockchain Summit is a place where global influencers in technology promotion and innovation get together to discuss all of the fascinating future Blockchain changes.

It gives members the chance to follow interesting discussions about all the potential industry changes that the Blockchain Technology will bring.

The Event is going to take place between the first and the second of November this year.

For the location, they decided on one of the best beachside resort in St. Julian’s, the InterContinental.

The InterContinental Arena Conference Centre has a perfect central location in the prime area of St. George´s Bay and offers enough capacity and flexibility to welcome a huge amount of people, which is perfect for an event like this.

The InterContinental is also a 20-minute drive from Malta International Airport and a 15 minutes drive from Valletta, perfect for people who are visiting from abroad.


The prices of the tickets will increase as the date gets closer. They offer Early Bird passes for €49, On Time passes for €99 and Last Minute for €149. Check their website for more information on the price dates.

Every ticket includes the same 3-day pass for all the main events, it gives you access to all the conferences and relaxes zones, as well as the ICO, startup pitch. Last but not least everyone is provided with a lunch for every day of the conference.


Speakers for Blockchain Summit Malta Blockchain Summit is going to have a lot of interesting speakers who are going to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas on the changes with everyone. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the advantages while following life experiences from all of the experts speaking at the conference.

Ian Gaudi, founder of GTG Advocates is going to be one of the speakers at the event. GTG Advocates is a full-service commercial firm based in Malta. It sets their main focuses on Data protection, Corporate Law, Telecoms Shipping & Maritime and of course Blockchain.

Joining as well will be Jonathan Galea who is the managing director at Blockchain Advisory Ltd, Carla Maree Vella the founder of VERFID, James Catania the CEO of Intelliblock and a lot more you can be excited about.

Why Malta

Blockchain in Malta Geographically Malta sits at the core of Europe and therefore provides the perfect stepping stone for Blockchain technology and the many things it will change for the world.

Although Malta is quite the small country, it managed to stay at the forefront of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, this island has even emerged as one of the leading countries in the space.

Malta was the first country to initiate an education Blockchain certification, as well as the first ones to regulate Blockchain, AI and IoT Industries worldwide.

Here at BiteMyCoin, we are very interested in what both Malta and the Maltese government have in store for the blockchain industry in the upcoming Malta Blockchain Summit 2018.