Google To Offer Distributed Ledger Solutions On The Cloud

Following the long list of tech giants, Google is the next one to start offering Distributed Ledger Solutions.

In the official statement on Monday, July 23, Google announced a partnership with two blockchain-oriented companies – Digital Asset and BlockApps. Together, they will offer new DLT solutions on Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP) that will enable users to explore various DLT frameworks and applications.

The new addition to the Cloud Platform will be available as soon as later on this year, and it will be first utilised for open-source testing integrations for Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum protocols in the GCP Marketplace service.

The statement has been made ahead of Google’s Next ‘18 conference happening this week in San Francisco.

What Does It Mean For Google?

Google is working on blockchain

The new partnership positions Google along with other high-profile tech companies which already have blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) offerings, such as Microsoft, Oracle Amazon Web Services and IBM.

The news has been released only a few days after Google admitted looking into reversing its ban on cryptocurrency and blockchain ads. Together with the social media giant – Facebook, they’ve already brought crypto ads back to life with Coinbase campaign as the first one.

As rightly noted by the Digital Asset CEO, Blythe Masters, the new Google DLT solution will build a bridge between the technical difficulties and real-life application of DLT application development.

By offering Distributed Ledger Solutions, Google proved that it’s seriously looking into blockchain and won’t stay behind its competition for a long time.

Digital Asset is a supplier of distributed ledger software for the FinTech industry, and BlockApps offers a blockchain platform to launch decentralised apps (DApps).

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