eToro Is Adding NEO To Their Trading Platform

The global investment and trading platform eToro announced adding NEO to their platform.

That new addition increases the number of available cryptocurrency assets on eToro to nine. The platform also offers trading Stocks, Indices, ETF´s, Forex, Commodities and of course Cryptocurrencies, meaning Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Dash and Stellar.

With eToro, users have the ability to learn and copy other users investment strategies. The platform is acting more as a custodian. Other advantages are definitely its security processes, verification procedures and established reputation.

Because of yesterday’s announcement users are now able to enjoy trading their newest addition, the NEO coin. The NEO token is linked to the NEO smart economy platform. The platform is using its own blockchain algorithm for developing smart contracts and digital assets.

NEO has a market cap of $8.8 billion and a coin value with of over $136, which is leading the Chinese token to the seventh place at the moment. They have already increased by almost 4.5 % within the last 24 hours.

Why Altcoins?

alt coins

Altcoins have the simple meaning of being a Bitcoin alternative, they got launched after the huge success of Bitcoin.

Because an increasing amount of investors are starting to focus more and more on altcoins, eToro saw the chance and took it.

Even the CEO and co-founder of eToro, Yoni Assia said that in 2018 the main focus went to altcoins and away from all the mainstream digital currencies.

“We are constantly seeking to identify and assess new concepts as they emerge and we are committed to bringing the best crypto assets onto our platform for our users to invest in,” Assia added. “We’re excited to have brought NEO and Stellar onto the platform already this year and we look forward to seeing how the market develops in 2018 following a very successful 2017 for the crypto community.”

eToro has already more than nine million users and the number is definitely going to grow in the future.

The community of eToro is really pleased with constantly receiving the chance for something new, for instance adding NEO to their trading platform. It gives them more chances and increases the variety of the whole platform, it basically offers something for everyone.

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