BitPanda Adds Ripple To The Exchange

The European cryptocurrency exchange, BitPanda, added Ripple to the exchange.

The exchange is well-known for carefully choosing currency it offers. Ripple became the 6th crypto-coin included in the BitPanda portfolio, after Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin.

Ripple deposits are currently unavailable, and customers can only trade Ripple via BitPanda.

The team is working on the full integration presently.

How To Buy Ripple With BitPanda?

Currently, no Ripple withdrawals or deposits can be made – Ripple can only be traded for other currencies available on BitPanda.

So you would first have to buy or send cryptocurrency to BitPanda, then trade it for Ripple.

Here’s how to buy cryptocurrency through BitPanda if you already have an account:

#1 Login to your account.

#2 Choose the currency you would like to buy (remember, it cannot be Ripple) and press the green button ‘Buy’.

How To Buy Ripple With BitPanda


#3 Choose the amount and payment method.

How To Buy Cryptocoins

#4 Depending on your verification level, you will be limited to how much you can invest.

#5 Confirm the transaction, and the coins should soon arrive at your wallet.

For more information about BitPanda and the transaction process, visit our BitPanda review.

What Does It Mean For Ripple?

At the moment, customers can buy Ripple only via Bitfinex or BitStamp – not the most reliable exchanges which discourage more commercial investors.

Only a few days ago, Ripple was surging due to rumours about Coinbase adding Ripple to their exchange.

The rumour only encouraged investors to put their money into Ripple before the price increases even further.

However, only a few days later, Coinbase announced it had no intention of adding a new to the exchange, driving the same the price of Ripple downhill.

So, adding Ripple to one of the most reputable and secure exchanges can only mean one thing – price increase.

While BitPanda is not as popular as Coinbase worldwide, it’s one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges for European customers as it accepts Euro and offers a variety of payment options.

Those who appreciate their anonymity, though, might not be too keen on BitPanda, as the verification level requires you to submit an ID form and go through a video chat.

But anyone who’s familiar with Ripple would know that the company behind cryptocurrency, does not want to be associated with all typical traits of crypto.

Instead, it encourages legislations and cooperates with banks on providing instant and feeless international money transfers for crypto.

Regardless of your stand on Ripple – it’s an excellent long-term investment. The currency will undoubtedly keep slowly increasing in price.

If you are interested in investing in Ripple, now is probably the best time as the coin is plummeting.

The news of BitPanda adding Ripple to the exchange and the soon-coming full integration will likely cause a spike in price.

You can create an account with BitPanda now or read more about buying Ripple to make a more conscious decision.