Ian Busuttil Naudi – Presenter of Gadgets

When a new technology emerges its important that the public is educated about whether it is a mobile, processing part, cloud system or in this case Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Education is the key difference between interpreting a complicated subject into simple terms where the public can understand and trust the emerging technology.

Not only universities and government can help and provide information about these types of technologies but also television or radio shows.

Ian Busuttil Naudi, Presenter of educational program Gadgets and a technology enthusiast, explains below how blockchain can be explained in simple terms and the gadgets program role in this emerging technology.

“Technology nowadays is everywhere”

Gadgets is a 10-year-old Maltese television program which is shown on the local national television channel TVM.

The target of the program is to educate and review the good and the bad of emerging products, it does not sell the products reviewed.

When Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain were coming out, Gadgets, educated the public by showing them what can blockchain do and what things should the public stay away.

Practically, Blockchain is the product of the internet, while Cryptocurrencies is the bi-product of the Blockchain. The program is open to dedicating more time in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

With the hype passing out, with the recent fluctuations of the cryptocurrency falling a bit, and as blockchain will never die, in the future cryptocurrencies will also be seen as a currency.

In fact, it’s touted that it will be after 2020 that cryptocurrencies can reach the growth. This may be due to the fact that right now it’s too expensive to invest in.

“Blockchain is just a ledger, a way in putting your information on the internet where it can’t be modified or edited”

While people right now are jumping on the blockchain gun, little do they know the benefits and the laws of the new technologic phenomenon.

The key to understanding Blockchain is to not use the technical jargon and keep the subject less complex. In fact, it can be described in one sentence that “Blockchain is just an online ledger which everyone has access to.”

Or in simpler terms, Blockchain is like a book were your write on it and other readers or writers can’t erase or write on it.

With Malta being the first country to act on the emerging technology of blockchain, Gadgets role in the growing industry is lethal due to the experience of the team in reviewing and being honest on emerging tech.

Although it is difficult and impossible to do the show full time due to the limited funds, this doesn’t stop Ian and the team to teach outside the country by giving online shows.

More about Gadgets

Gadgets is a local program which reviews new products such as mobile phones and tablets. The program is total educational and doesn’t take any sales from the products they review. More information on https://gadgetsmalta.com/


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