Brian Zarb – CEO at Cybersift

In a day and age that everything is connected through the internet, from computer networks to even door locks, Cyber Security is an important strategy to implement in any organization.

Cybersecurity prohibits any unauthorized access in the framework of the organization while also looking at anomalies which can be of security threat to the system. However, it’s easier to say to implement cybersecurity than actually implementing it.

Brian Zarb CEO of Cybersift explains below how Cybersift software helps organizations fight anomalies in the system by using logs and artificial intelligence. He also explains how Cybersift is being part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency evolution.

“The whole idea of the company is to help companies detect anomalies in their IT infrastructure.”

While every company might have a system administrator or a team to control the computer systems, a system where every movement creates a log.

Every day there might be between hundreds and millions, depending on the size of the company, of logs, which makes it impossible for a system administrator or even a team to control and detect anomalies.

Cybersift provides the solution as the software highlights the lines that are anomalies in the network. For example, if the system administrator has 100 logs, but only 2 are anomalies, the system administrator will know suddenly as they will be highlighted. The same thing can be done for a cloud system.

But what about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency?

With the blockchain industry growing at an alarming rate for organizations in it to survive with the demand of security it needs, does Cybersift offer a solution for it?

“The things that you can do today, from that simple concept of the blockchain, are things that previously you couldn’t do.”

The idea and concept of the blockchain are that no one can tamper with the information and offer a sense of security due to it being decentralized, however, when someone is doing an exchange or using an interface the blockchain systems becomes centralized where a malicious actor can try to steal the cryptocurrency.

Cybersift platform maybe not totally in the sphere of blockchain and cryptocurrency yet, however, it still provides part of the solution thanks to the artificial intelligence that the platform uses.

Imagine, hundreds of transactions being done in the blockchain. The platform will detect and notify who is part of an exchange that is liable or already in a threat.

Cybersift helps organizations using blockchain systems by monitoring the million of transactions so the organization can treat it before it’s too late.

The platform evolution is of great importance due to the increase of blockchain growth where it can be used even for notaries and tax collection.

More about Cybersift

Cybersift was opened by CEO Brian Zarb and CTO David Vassallo in 2017. The objective of the platform is to transform logs into cybersecurity information. Cybersift is a partner of Microsoft and IBM. The platform won the Cyber Security Awards in 2018 while being recognized as the Cyber Security Leader in 2017 by Cyber Defense Magazine. Discover more at


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