5+ The Best YouTube Cryptocurrency Videos

YouTube is a great way to learn more about whatever subject may interest you – it is free, fast, educative and entirely up to you whatever person or channel you want to watch.

With the billions of videos on Youtube, it sure has a lot of videos about cryptocurrency.

Some of the best YouTube cryptocurrency videos are storytelling, how to’s, explanations, top 10’s (or whatever number that may be) or which altcoins to watch in the upcoming year or month.

There are many channels on YouTube that cover cryptocurrency.

Some of the most popular ones are DataDash, World Crypto Network, Crypto Bobby, and Suppoman Udemy.

Without any further ado, let’s cover our picks of the best ones:

#1 Louis Thomas: Casual Crypto Chat From Wales

The first video to include is a video from Louis Thomas, a British YouTuber who has over 90,000 subscribers gathered in a little over a year!

He obviously has a massive interest in cryptocurrency and shares a lot of his perspective on different topics in the world of cryptocurrency.

He is explaining how, in his opinion, SegWit and Lightning Network will be the solution to the Bitcoin’s scalability problem and will most likely ensure cheaper transactions.

He also discusses privacy features, side chains like RSK and atomic swaps, that will help to make transactions without depending on a third party.

Watch Louise here >>

#2 Suppoman Udemy: Superhero Cryptocurrency Expert

Suppoman is a person we already mentioned on BiteMyCoin before, as he is a well-known person in the world of cryptocurrency – especially on Udemy and YouTube.

With his enthusiastic character, he has almost 140,000 subscribers and reaches 20,000 people on an average with every video.

If you want to learn about the cryptocurre\zncy market in a fun, entertaining and easy to understand way, this is the channel for you. Suppoman has a particular interest in long-term investments that will make you the most amount of money.

You will also learn how to trade and invest in it, learn how I conduct technical analysis, coin analysis & ICO analysis.

Watch Suppoman Udemy here >>

#3 Scott Driscoll: Cryptocurrency For Geeks

Scott Driscoll may only have 1,000 subscribers, but if what you’re after are technical details behind cryptocurrency, then that’s the right place for you.

Scott will explain to you in 22 minutes what Bitcoin is, how it works, what the benefits are, how the transactions work, how fraud is prevented and some challenges Bitcoin is still facing.

On his YouTube channel, you can also find some other cryptocurrency related how-to videos – how to buy Bitcoins and store them, create an Ethereum smart contract and the essence of how Bitcoin works.

Visit Scott Driscoll website or watch him here >>

#4 DataDash: One-stop Shop For Everything Crypto

Run by a blogger, DataDash has over 270,000 subscribers and is the biggest cryptocurrency YouTube channel out there that started in July 2017.

The channel focuses on the mixture of future prediction and formal recommendations. There are also specific playlists about trading tips including different reviews for a better overview of the differences between the platforms.

Watch DataDash here >>

#5 Andreas Antonopoulos: Open Talk About Blockchain

Andreas Antonopoulos is an entrepreneur and author of various books about cryptocurrency who has over 120,000 subscribers.

He explains all the basics of the cryptocurrency world as well as its impact on the future.

Some of the most attractive features of the vlog are frequent Q&A sessions and recording from public presentations.

Watch Andreas Antonopoulos here >>


Currently, the choice of any blockchain-related courses is insufficient. Only a few universities around the world offer a Blockchain Certification.

The same goes for books – the technology is simply too young for advanced and thorough publications.

So if you want to brush up on your cryptocurrency knowledge, or just listen to someone’s opinion, your best options are YouTube Cryptocurrency videos or Udemy Courses.