The Best Udemy Courses On Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can take some time to get into, and you will face a lot of new terms which you’ve probably never heard of; tokens, altcoin, blockchain, mining, node – the list goes on.

Digital currency – especially Bitcoin – can be considered as the currency of the future. The so-called digital gold is a well talked about subject nowadays.

It is something that you shouldn’t want to miss, as it is a fantastic opportunity to make a profit and invest if the future of digital currency.

However, to get an idea of what it is all about, there are some excellent courses available that can help you. Hence, we picked the best Udemy courses on cryptocurrency to help you understand what the hottest subject at the moment is about.

What Should You Learn from Online Courses

The whole technology behind cryptocurrency can be hard to understand, especially if you’re new to the term ‘blockchain‘.

It is a complex subject that has not been around for long, but if you’re interested, you should jump on the cryptocurrency-train quickly.

If you are looking for a course on cryptocurrency, you should expect to learn the basics of cryptocurrency such as buying, selling and investing.

These online courses will help you with a better understanding of the world of cryptocurrency and explain some of the most complex terms.

The more advanced courses, on the other hand, should also come with an advice on how to invest in digital currencies, with examples and references to some of the safest wallets and exchanges.

Let’s have a look at them and see what knowledge they can offer you.

The Best Udemy Courses on Cryptocurrency

#1 Cryptocurrency Made Easy: A Beginners Bootcamp!

Let’s start with the basics! This beginners’ bootcamp will help you to understand all the basics about cryptocurrency – it is designed specifically for anyone who doesn’t know where to start.

Brendan Ellis will provide you with 3 hours of on-demand-video, four articles and ten extra resources.

He created the course with a user in mind, giving all the knowledge that would be needed for buying and investing in any cryptocurrency.

From helping you choose an exchange, opening an account, learning how to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies & keeping your them safe in your just-created wallet – you’ll learn it all.

The only thing you need is some internet and a bank account to start buying cryptocurrencies.

As always: investments go up and down. But if you have been given the right tools and techniques, you have a good chance of doing well.

Price: €195

#2 Cryptocurrency Long-term Investment Opportunity 2017

Best cryptocurrency udemy courses suppoman

Suppoman is a well-known person in the educational world, with a particular interest in cryptocurrencies. With his YouTube channel, he reaches 20,000 people on an average with every video.

He mainly focuses his courses on long-term investments, covering what he believes is going to be the cryptocurrency of the upcoming year.

Suppoman also explains why he thinks it is a great investment and the process behind that, the four criteria which determine what constitutes a long-term cryptocurrency, why long-term investments are the most effective and when to cash out.

This course is for anyone who is interested in investing long-term and is planning on making a hefty amount of money with it.

If you don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies at all, it is recommended to first take a course that will inform you about all the basics.

Price: €195

#3 The Cryptocurrency Bible™ | Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin…

Don’t know how to get started with cryptocurrency? This may be the course for you.

The Cryptocurrency Bible is a 4 hour long, on-demand-video, that will give you all the fundamentals that are needed. It also includes six articles and seven extra resources for you to work with.

You will learn how to get started and set up a wallet, how to buy and sell cryptocurrency, what are the different types of cryptocurrency, identify potential investments and how to make huge profits.

As a bonus, the course includes interviews with experts who work in the industry, to give you an insight into the world of cryptocurrency.

Price: €200

#4 Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

the best cryptocurrency courses on udemy george levy

It is good to understand the blockchain since everything cryptocurrency related is built around it. For a better insight on the technology behind the blockchain, then this is this course for you.

With almost 13,000 students, this course from George Levy is one of the most popular ones on Udemy.

It will give you a firm understanding of what blockchain technology is, as well as a strong knowledge of the basics of Bitcoin, and topics such as smart contracts and digital tokens.

The course includes a PDF glossary including 100 listed blockchain and Bitcoin terms for you to keep at hand whenever you need them.

After this course, you will know how blockchain and Bitcoin work, but you might not be able to learn as much about investing.

Price: €95

#5 Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide to Trading Altcoins

As with most of the other courses – it starts with the basics. But what makes this course unique is that it is focused on trading Altcoins. Ravinder Deol and Rebecca Mora will teach you from their traders’ perspective.

With step-by-step instructions, you will dive deep into cryptocurrency trading on a practical level.

You will learn the differences between significant market & cryptocurrency exchanges, securing your cryptocurrencies, the basics of trading cryptocurrencies, examples of cryptocurrency trades, how to profit from ICO’s, and much more!

Price: €95

Final Choice

Whether you already know something about cryptocurrency or not: almost all of the courses are suitable for you as they focus on the basics.

Want to learn more about long-term investing? Then Suppoman’s course will help you further.

However, if you want to dive deep into blockchain and the coins that are on the market, Cryptocurrency made easy, Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals and The Cryptocurrency Bible™ are a good fit.

Last but not least; the course Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide to Trading Altcoins gets you on the right track if you are interested in trading altcoins.

It is up to you! And be quick, because when it comes to cryptocurrency, you can never be too early.

You should also bear in mind that the best Udemy courses on cryptocurrency often come with a discount. Udemy is well-known for regular sale, so keep an eye on your favourites!

Once you cover all the basics, move on to choosing the best cryptocurrency wallet so you can start investing!